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Digital Dictation Tips

Be More Productive with Digital Dictation 

By | Jun.17.15 | No Comments

In “Getting Things Done,” productivity guru David Allen says dictation is one way to get what’s in your head out, and make it useable. I agree. Dictation can help get more stuff done with less effort. …Continue reading »

The Friday Five

Techy Tips to Protect Your Time

By | Sep.12.14 | No Comments

Time is money. We all know it. But the fact is, we all have the same 24 hours each day, and it’s just not enough. And like everyone else, when the day ends, it seems like more has …Continue reading »

The Friday Five

Five Ways to Use Twitter Lists

By | Sep.27.13 | 3 Comments

Twitter lists are an easy way to group what flows through Twitter so that you can better organize the flood of information. I’ve found that Twitter lists are useful for all kinds of things — whether …Continue reading »

Productivity Tips

Clean Up Your Email Routine

By | Jun.26.13 | 3 Comments

Nothing messes with your productivity like a clogged email inbox. Fortunately, it is never too late to polish up your daily e-routine — or to trash bad habits that are slowing you down. Andrea Cannavina …Continue reading »

Tech Tips

Shopping for Your Law Site’s Domain Name

By | May.09.13 | 1 Comment

When it comes to choosing a website or blog domain name for a law practice, context is everything. Recently I had a conversation with a local commercial real estate agent after he went shopping for a …Continue reading »

Mistakes Newbie Mobile Users Make

By | Sep.21.12 | 4 Comments

In the grand scheme of things, we are all newbies adjusting to using mobile devices. After all, even if you had one of the first iPhones, it has only been five years. Technology consultants and …Continue reading »

It’s Wi-Fi – Keep It Clean

By | May.23.12 | No Comments

Do you prefer to use a public toilet or a home-based one? When you have to, you can use the public one—but really, you try to touch as little of it as possible, right? Well, …Continue reading »


Your New Website “Do” List: Cover the Basics

By | Apr.18.12 | 1 Comment

Stop right there! Before you take step one to create your law firm’s new website, pause to figure out what it is you really want your website to do—and who you want it to attract. Define your …Continue reading »

The Friday Five

Five Things To Do While in Town for ABA TECHSHOW

By | Mar.16.12 | No Comments

In last week’s Friday Five we trumpeted the big shows lined up for the coming conference season. As the official countdown begins for ABA TECHSHOW, March 29-31, in Chicago, the profession’s top tech gurus are polishing up …Continue reading »

How to Behave in the Online World

By | Jan.19.12 | No Comments

Does it seem to you that everyone but you knows exactly what they’re up to in the blogosphere? The tone to strike. The etiquette of retweeting. When to “like” something. Even something as basic as …Continue reading »