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Sanity Tips for Road Warriors

By | May.30.12 | No Comments

The life of a successful lawyer who travels constantly for work can sound attractive, even alluring … to those who don’t have to do it. They imagine going to exotic places, meeting with important people …Continue reading »


Do You Have the Career You Deserve?

By | Apr.26.12 | No Comments

It is often said that people spend more time planning their vacations than planning their own careers. Since vacations are, alas, fleeting, it seems like there might be much greater return on your time investment …Continue reading »


Heading Back to Work, Part 2: Search Strategies

By | Feb.29.12 | No Comments

If you’ve been out of the job market for a while and you’re thinking about jumping back in, it’s important to map out a strategy—and stick to it. In part one of this series, “Heading Back …Continue reading »


Heading Back to Work, Part 1: Preparing for Re-entry

By | Feb.21.12 | 3 Comments

If you have been away from the workplace for an extended period of time, re-entering the job market can feel overwhelming, even frightening. People returning to work normally experience myriad emotions, both positive and not …Continue reading »

Health & Wellness

Is It the Winter Blues or Something More?

By | Jan.24.12 | 1 Comment

I don’t know about you, but this time of year makes me want to stay under the covers and act like a hibernating bear. Yes, the cold gray days bring on the winter blues. It takes …Continue reading »

Professional Development

Need a Change?

By | Nov.14.11 | No Comments

Do you have that nagging feeling you’re just not enjoying your work as much as you used to? Are Sunday evenings beginning to weigh on you because you know you’re going back to work Monday morning? You might be …Continue reading »


Your Daily Horoscope: Take Charge of Your Destiny

By | Oct.12.11 | 1 Comment

I read my horoscope this morning and here’s what it said: “Letting nature take its course is not advised. Passivity will bring unfavorable results. Take charge of your destiny.” You needn’t be a Virgo (as I am) …Continue reading »