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Nym Words: Sufferin’ Suffixes

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Words with the suffix “–nym” pop up regularly. Some are common, but many of the 46 words with this suffix are not. “Nym” derives from the Greek word for name or word. Don’t include obscure –nym …Continue reading »

We're All Skimming Now

Write Like People Read

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Have you noticed that the way you read websites, emails, text messages — even magazine and news articles — has changed over time? A growing body of research suggests the internet is changing how people pay …Continue reading »

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Why Lawyers Are Redundant: History Is Destiny

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History — and I’m going way, way back — informs why lawyers write in redundancies. Blame It on the French When William the Conqueror imposed Norman law on England in the 11th century, the Anglo-Saxon population was …Continue reading »

Performing Like an Athlete

Watch the Seams: Speaking Lessons from Tennis Stars

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Do you get nervous before speaking in front of people? Before a court or tribunal, or making a presentation to clients or colleagues? Even worse: Do you have trouble letting go of your performance after it’s …Continue reading »


Want to Quickly Build an Impressive Reputation in the Courtroom? Write Impressive Briefs

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As a judge reviews your brief, they’re evaluating your argument and your professionalism. Consider the words of the Hon. Raymond M. Kethledge, a U.S. Court of Appeals judge, in an article he wrote for the …Continue reading »

Be Careful Reading Fiction

Can Reading Fiction Help Lawyers Develop More Empathy?

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A growing body of research suggests that reading fiction increases your capacity for empathy. The basic idea is that imagining the emotional world of fictional characters is good practice for empathizing with actual humans. (See …Continue reading »

Friday Tech Tips

Tech Tips to Improve Your Client Communications Strategy

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Margaret Atwood, the author of “The Handmaid’s Tale,” has frequently noted that with all technology, there is a good side, a bad side and a stupid side that you weren’t expecting. With major advances in …Continue reading »

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Making and Using Too Many Words

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Do you make a decision before using litigation? Or do you just decide to litigate? “Make” and “use” are prime targets for revision as you edit your professional writing. These are transitive verbs. You’re going to …Continue reading »

Presenting with Self-Awareness

Your Emotions Rule How Effectively You Communicate

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Did you know that how you feel affects how you communicate with clients, colleagues and everyone else? An example most people are familiar with is email: Have you ever sent an email when you were angry …Continue reading »

The Biggest Distractions

Don’t Compete for Attention

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Have you ever been to Times Square in New York? It’s the busiest intersection in America’s busiest city. Thousands of people stream through, minute by minute, 24 hours a day. It’s a hurricane of human …Continue reading »