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Celebrating Lessons Learned

At Attorney at Work, we believe virtually no event is too small to justify some sort of celebration. In the workplace, it’s one way managers recognize the value of contribution, build camaraderie and keep everyone’s chin up. At home, celebrating ...

The Editors - December 9, 2011

Ten Ways Small Firms Can Compete

Turbulence in the legal profession, and the business world itself, make these difficult and unusual times. The loss or consolidation of so many venerable law firms has altered the competitive landscape for firms of all sizes. It’s likely, for ...

Bruce W. Marcus - December 8, 2011

Wiser Words

One way us old guys comfort ourselves about aging is by proving our continuing usefulness to the firm through mentoring new lawyers. While we may think that pearls of wisdom just drip from our lips, I wonder: Do we really have anything useful to ...

Otto Sorts - November 8, 2011
Young professional looking at question mark melater

Next Slide

I was sitting in the middle of, quite possibly, the biggest trial of my firm’s history. The liability was golden. It was just a matter of how much we were going to win. To be specific, I was sitting in the middle of the courtroom. ...

William Melater - October 18, 2011

A Cynic’s Guide to Pro Bono Work

Anyone who knows me knows I haven’t figured out what I want to be when I grow up. I just haven’t found that single passion to follow. Another thing: I was described as “old and cynical” when I was only 26. So, why listen to anything I have to ...

Julie Carroll - October 4, 2011

Stop, Look and Listen

We know you’re interested in learning. Why else would you be here? If your brain merely chews up printed text and spits it out, you’ll especially love this week’s Friday Five. We’re serving up five alternatives to the written word when it comes ...

The Editors - June 3, 2011

Four Things Your Assistant Can Do Better

If you share an assistant with two or more lawyers, he probably stays pretty busy. To prevent backlogs and priority conflicts, your assistant must become increasingly efficient to handle the workload. Think of the Japanese Kaizen philosophy. If ...

Deborah Savadra - May 11, 2011
T-Rex with open mouth Otto Sorts

Get Out of the Way!

Most law firms have a senior partner who won’t stop doing things the “old way,” who won’t step aside so someone else can do it more efficiently or better. (Fill in your favorite saying about "pots" here.) Here’s the thing: For our clients, we ...

Otto Sorts - April 23, 2011
Woman and Man with tech in background

The Importance of Being Trained

It's important—vitally important—to understand the full capabilities of the software used in your practice, even if you don't actually use it yourself. That means you need to know the "what" even if you never learn the "how." Otherwise, you’ll ...

Vivian Manning - March 30, 2011

Organize Your Brain with Mind Mapping

Nothing makes me happier than getting my head around complicated issues and feeling mastery over my chaotic, 21st-century life. And nothing helps me organize my scattered, Internet-addled brain cells better than mind mapping. Put simply, mind ...

Larry Port - March 24, 2011