Legal Technology


It Takes More than a Scanner: What Small Law Firms Must Know to Successfully Go Paperless

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Free on-demand webinar with Nerino Petro According to the International Legal Technology Association, almost half of all legal purchases of imaging, scanning or optical character recognition is made by small law firms.* If you’re among them, …Continue reading »


How to Make the Smartest Legal Technology Investment

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An Essential Guide to Select the Right Law Practice Management Software for Your Firm We’ve all heard that lawyers are risk averse when it comes to technology. And it could be easy to draw that conclusion …Continue reading »

Innovation and Strategy

Blockchain 101: What Attorneys Need to Know Now

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Blockchain is one of the hottest business buzzwords of the past year. Many associate it with cryptocurrencies, thanks to the explosion of bitcoin and its counterparts. However, blockchain has far broader implications that affect businesses …Continue reading »

The Friday Five

Five Ways to Support Diverse Legal Tech Entrepreneurs

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In recent years, a frustrating paradox has emerged: Far more legal technology is being built than ever before, yet somehow the justice gap in America keeps widening. A whopping 86 percent of low-income individuals who …Continue reading »

Legal Innovation

Will AI Change the Way We Work for Better or for Worse?

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Concern about artificial intelligence taking over jobs isn’t new — and it certainly isn’t unique to the legal industry. Fear and skepticism usually creep in when an innovative technology promises to change the way an …Continue reading »

Struggle for Work-Life Balance, Part 3

Technology Can Be Your Ticket to a Profitable, Well-Balanced Law Practice (Or Not)

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In “Why Lawyers Really Struggle for Work-Life Balance,” I listed six steps to building a practice that runs smoothly and allows you to have a life: 1) acquire better management skills; 2) implement better technology; 3) create …Continue reading »


Five Ways to Make Connections at Avvo Lawyernomics 2018

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Lawyernomics is one of the tentpole legal technology conferences every year. There are only a few other events at the intersection of law and technology that bring you a comparable combination of content, attendees, vendors …Continue reading »


The Profitable Benefits of Legal Project Management

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Download our free white paper, “The Profitable Benefits of Legal Project Management,” here. Legal Project Management (LPM). It’s a buzzword you hear a lot in the legal industry as the “next big thing.” In fact, managing …Continue reading »

Friday Tech Tips

Tech Tips to Improve Your Client Communications Strategy

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Margaret Atwood, the author of “The Handmaid’s Tale,” has frequently noted that with all technology, there is a good side, a bad side and a stupid side that you weren’t expecting. With major advances in …Continue reading »

Friday Tech Tips

Five Tech Tips for Writers

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ABA TECHSHOW is great for keeping up with hot topics like artificial intelligence, the blockchain and cybersecurity. But if you hang in for the closing “60 in 60” session, you are rewarded with a bounty of tech tips, …Continue reading »