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10 Tips for Internet Legal Research on the Cheap

By The Editors

Free DownloadFrom the co-author of “Internet Legal Research on a Budget.” Why spend good money on legal research when so many free options are available online? Habit. Fear. Lack of time?

“Sometimes it’s just easier to stick with the tools you’ve used over the years,” says Carole A. Levitt, a nationally recognized expert on online legal research and a former law librarian and attorney. “Yet with cost-conscious clients scrutinizing legal bills, how many lawyers can afford to keep depending on fee-based resources when free alternatives are available?”

To help lawyers find reliable low-cost resources online and use them effectively, Carole collaborated with lawyer and current law librarian Judy K. Davis to write Internet Legal Research on a Budget (ABA, 2014). They tested and evaluated the best legal research sites — describing how to use each site, often step by step, and with plenty of screen shots.

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Saving money is always worth investigating, so we asked Carole for a few quickly digestible nuggets to get you started. Download your free copy of “10 Must-Know Tips for Internet Legal Research on the Cheap,” and you’ll find links to go-to spots for resolving legal quandaries on the cheap.

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Categories: Guides, Legal Research, Legal Technology, Resources
Originally published August 2, 2014
Last updated November 5, 2023
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