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Wearable Technology, 3D Printing and Litigation

Lawyers are already using both types of technology to provide better, more effective representation for their clients.

Nicole Black - November 5, 2015
Speaking Lessons from the Supreme Court

Although it isn’t something I freely admit to my friends outside the legal world, I can share with you how much fun I routinely have on, the Supreme Court media site. If you haven’t checked out this site yet, do so immediately! ... ...

Marsha Hunter - September 2, 2015
Nothing But the Ruth
Have You Reddit?

If you are proficient in social media basics and looking for a new online community, I recommend checking out Reddit. Reddit is a social media community made up of thousands of bulletin boards — called “subreddits” — on almost any topic you ...

Ruth Carter - April 13, 2015
Take-Aways from LegalTech New York

Last week, we asked a handful of legal technologists to be our reporters at LegalTech New York. The scoop? Cybersecurity topped the hot topics list (made hotter still with news that another big health-care company had been breached). But ...

The Editors - February 12, 2015
Back to School for Your Law Practice! Fall Conferences

You just can't avoid talk of school this time of year. It seems everyone is scurrying along on a scavenger hunt for essential supplies and first-day fashions, or losing sleep over what our "babies" will need in the dorm room. It's all about ...

The Editors - August 23, 2013
Attorney at Work Friday Five
Legal Management Tips for Changing Times

You never stop learning. And with so many big conferences this time of year, there's no shortage of opportunities. This week the Association of Legal Administrators held its 2013 Annual Conference and Exposition, covering a wide ...

Lorri Salyards - April 19, 2013
Conference-Palooza: They Didn’t Teach This Stuff in Law School

It's that time of year—conference season! So for this week's Friday Five, we're checking out the "coming events" that promise to put a polish on your practice management know-how. There are so many conferences we want to attend, our virtual ...

Joan Feldman - February 15, 2013
Give an Associate a Fish? Use Each Teachable Moment with Young Lawyers

Sometimes it just seems like you can’t get a break, doesn’t it? The network’s down, you just received your third nuisance filing this week from opposing counsel … and you’d think an associate could draft a simple brief without ...

Merrilyn Astin Tarlton - October 22, 2012
Overcome the Ennui of CLE (and Get What You Need)

As lawyers we’re required to do CLEs every year. (Groan.) My experience has taught me that Sean Carter was right when he said that CLEs are really CLAs—"Continuing Legal Attendance." You get credit just for showing up—no one really cares if you ...

Ruth Carter - August 6, 2012
Summer Reading, Heat Wave Edition

At last, it's a nice long summer holiday break! With triple-digit temperatures the norm, there's no better time to pour a nice tall cool one, put your feet up in a shady spot and take a bite out of your summer reading list. Don't have a list? ...

The Editors - July 5, 2012

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