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Mistakes Lawyers Make When Procuring an Expert Witness

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Expert witnesses often provide the information and insight necessary to make or break a case. Why, then, do we procrastinate, delegate or simply rush the process of selecting an exceptional expert witness? The Wrong Way to Locate …Continue reading »


The Long Nine: Essential Software for the Modern Law Practice

By | Feb.02.16 | 10 Comments

You know when formerly avant-garde concepts begin to worm their way into the lawyers’ ethics canon, that it’s finally time to pay attention. So it is that technology has been awarded its moment, as the …Continue reading »

Blizzard of Options

The Legal Document Automation System Decision

By | Jan.26.16 | 1 Comment

Any nontrivial decision presents a tournament of reasons. Choosing document drafting tools for law practice is a classic case, featuring a complex dance of circumstances, candidates and considerations. This is the third in a series …Continue reading »

Getting a Grip, Part 3

Loss of Control? Get the Right Management Tools

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In this final installment of Dustin Cole’s “Getting a Grip” series, he identifies the three critical tools you’ll need to lasso your chaotic law practice and tame it to meet your needs. Without the right management …Continue reading »

Getting a Grip, Part 2

Loss of Control? Four Solutions for Your Legal Business

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A law practice in chaos is nearly every lawyer’s biggest fear. (As if you need to be told, right?) In the first post in his three-part series “Getting a Grip,” Dustin Cole explained how a …Continue reading »

Getting a Grip, Part 1

Loss of Control: Lawyers’ Greatest Fear

By | Jan.06.16 | 1 Comment

When lawyers are surveyed about what keeps them awake at night, their top issue is almost always a feeling that their offices or cases are out of control. It’s not just a fear. In my …Continue reading »

Legal Technology

Highlights: 2015 Apple at Law User Survey

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This fall, Attorney at Work collaborated with MILOfest to conduct the “2015 Apple at Law Users Survey,” aimed at getting a snapshot of how law firms are using Apple products. We asked Tom Lambotte, CEO …Continue reading »

More Money Next Year

Nine Vital Numbers for Your Law Firm’s Health

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Lawyers typically hate numbers like cats hate water (or cucumbers). Business words like “profit” are often shied away from, too, due to the decorum and ethics of the legal profession. Folks, I beg you. We have to end …Continue reading »


Ransomware: Backing Up from Trouble

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Look, I get it. Computer backups are a bother. It’s something a staff member typically takes care of, or maybe your IT consultant has you covered. I observe, however, that few lawyers really know what’s …Continue reading »

The Friday Five

Efficiency Killers in Your Law Firm

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Your firm’s main phone line rings and you reach to pick it up. It’s force of habit. But if you’re a partner, it can lead to lower profits for your firm. The difference between a thriving …Continue reading »