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emotions in communication

Your Emotions Rule How Effectively You Communicate

Our emotions are dynamic, changing all the time, and these changes are amplified by pressure and stress at work. Ignoring how we feel isn’t reliable or sustainable — or effective, given the tendency for our emotions to “leak” into conversations and interactions through the process of emotional contagion. A much better strategy is to recognize when and how emotions affect the way we communicate — how we speak, write and think.

Originally published May 26, 2022
Last updated July 26, 2023
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Why Do Lawyers Do It? The Benefits of Running

I’ve always been athletic, but I didn’t become a runner until law school. Since then, I’ve participated in a handful of races.

Originally published May 26, 2022
Last updated June 16, 2022
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hybrid worker essential gear

Hybrid Worker Essential Gear

Analog Attorney | This list of hybrid worker essential gear will make the regular transition from the kitchen table to downtown as smooth as glass.

Originally published May 26, 2022
Last updated June 3, 2022
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sublet office space

Should You Sublet Office Space in Your Law Firm?

Many law firms are wondering what to do with their empty offices. Here are a few pros and cons to consider about subletting.

May 26, 2022 0 1
working remotely

Where Do Lawyers Work Today? The Ethics and Acceptance of Working Remotely

On Balance | Megan Zavieh on the evolution of remote work from taboo to new normal, along with updated ethics rules regarding where lawyers work.

Originally published May 26, 2022
Last updated December 30, 2023
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lead generating lawyer website

Four Simple Steps to a Lead-Generating Law Firm Website

“Ideation,” “drill down,” “ping back,” “think outside the box.” These are words and phrases that end-of-year surveys included among the most annoying and meaningless business jargon. There’s another term that should be on these lists but isn’t. Let’s change that. Can we band together to banish the use of “online brochure” as a term to describe law firm websites?

Originally published May 26, 2022
Last updated August 30, 2022
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