Home Office Setup

Home Office Setup: The Best Products for Comfort, Productivity and Joy

Analog Attorney | An exhaustive list of the things you need to turn your office into a temple of joyous productivity.

Originally published June 24, 2022
Last updated June 29, 2022
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hybrid work

Building a Successful Hybrid Work Environment for Your Law Firm

Transitioning to a thriving hybrid work environment for the long run will require some changes in the way law offices operate. Here are some basics.

Originally published June 24, 2022
Last updated July 5, 2022
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microsoft word templates

Using Microsoft Word Templates to Create Model Documents That Save Your Law Firm Tons of Time

Gold Standard Templates are model documents set up in Word with formatting, easy-to-identify changeable text, and all optional provisions in one place.

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letter of closure

A Letter of Closure for All the Right Reasons

Using a letter of closure at the end of a client engagement varies greatly firm to firm — and at times among lawyers within the same firm. Among those who don't use them, the excuses I hear include, “We do a lot of flat-fee, in-and-out kinds of things (simple wills or small business formations) and the effort simply isn’t worth it.” Or, “Most of our work is for repeat clients and we’re certainly not about to say good-bye to them.” Or even, “These matters never really close.”

Originally published June 24, 2022
Last updated June 29, 2022
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