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Three Ways Podcasting Grew My Niche Practice

By Josh Brown

My practice focuses on franchise and entrepreneur law. A little over a year ago, I launched Franchise Euphoria, an educational podcast about franchising and business. Truth be told, the No. 1 reason I started it was to help aspiring entrepreneurs and others interested in franchising learn more about it. Sure, I thought it would benefit me as well. But I wasn’t 100 percent clear on how it would help my practice. I just knew it was an opportunity to try something different.

The response and level of engagement I have received since launching has blown me away. To date, I have completed over 100 episodes, and Franchise Euphoria is a top-rated iTunes podcast. It has been downloaded thousands of times and listened to in 82 countries and growing.

A Big Boost for My Practice

Beyond the numbers, there are three significant ways that my podcasting has boosted my law practice.

1. The curiosity factor. I am naturally curious about others, but interviewing people for podcasts is a skill I’ve had to learn and practice. Learning to ask questions that will elicit valuable responses for the audience, and listening closely to the answers, is an amazing exercise — and it makes me a better lawyer. I have learned many things about building a practice over the years, but far and away the most important is the value of listening to others and being genuinely curious about what is going on in their lives. This has certainly led to new business but, more importantly, it has also led to friendships and referrals down the road.

2. Building a wealth of connections. It becomes easier to start a rapport with people when your introduction is an invitation to appear on your podcast. Most people get excited about going on a podcast, or at least find it interesting that you are doing one. It has helped me differentiate myself from the pack of other attorneys in my area. And what a great way to get to know new connections and learn about what they do. I rarely speak about my law practice specifically when interviewing people on my show, but it is amazing how showing genuine interest will generate people’s interest in you, and in the type of work you do.

3. Establishing subject matter expertise. To be successful as an attorney, others must trust that you are worth the fees you charge. Creating and hosting a podcast in your subject area is a fantastic way to achieve this — and it is a blast to boot! Franchise Euphoria has helped me establish myself as a subject matter expert — and it has done so faster than any other medium I have tried.

It’s one of the great things about the podcast medium. If you respect people’s time and have a good focus, you can get tremendous guests on your show just by asking. Having amazing guests boosts your reputation as a subject matter expert and builds a track record so that more great guests want to come on your show, helping to further boost your reputation. Through my podcast I have met some incredibly successful, and influential, businesspeople. As one example, I had the great fortune of interviewing Michael Gerber, author of “The E-Myth,” “E-Myth Revisited” and other top-selling books. His works are widely regarded by successful entrepreneurs as required reading. How did I get him on my show? I asked. That’s all.

A Value-Added Medium

It is not an exaggeration to say that podcasting is the single best thing I have ever done for my practice. It is hard work and must be done consistently over time to truly reap the benefits. But if it provides value to others, it will be a success and benefit you in significant ways.

Showing others that you care enough about what you do to provide them with free, consistent and valuable information through a podcast allows them to learn more about you. It makes people feel comfortable with who you are and what you can provide to help them in their business and life. They will remember you, and reach out to you when they need you. What more can you ask?

Josh F. Brown is a solo practitioner at the Law Office of Josh F. Brown, LLC, focused on assisting franchises and small businesses. He blogs on entrepreneurial issues and franchise topics at, and his podcast, Franchise Euphoria, is available on iTunes. Follow Josh on Twitter @IndyFrchsLaw.

Categories: Business Development, Daily Dispatch, Law Firm Marketing
Originally published February 4, 2015
Last updated May 19, 2020
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