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Tips for the Well-Dressed (Male) Lawyer

By | Aug.22.17 | 2 Comments

Every new parent knows there are far more clothing options for baby girls than for baby boys. While selections have improved in the past decade or so, it can still be a struggle to find …Continue reading »

Civility: Why It’s Critical to Keep Your Cool

By | Jun.12.14 | 1 Comment

Find yourself feeling irritated? Frustrated? Downright grind-your-teeth angry? Maybe you skipped breakfast. And lunch. Maybe your spouse was nasty to you at dinner last night. Maybe you can’t stand the way opposing counsel flagrantly misinterprets the …Continue reading »

Be Bold in Black

By | May.05.14 | No Comments

Black must be the most beloved wardrobe color ever. Just look around at your next large-ish attorney gathering and bear witness to the devotion to black. But beware: Wearing black can either be badass or …Continue reading »

Keeping Your Spring Fashion Frolic in Check

By | Apr.07.14 | 2 Comments

Loyal adherents to the professional dress code shudder at the arrival of warmer weather. Spring — especially that first 65-degree day — is the time when normally well-dressed lawyers are tempted to throw off their woolen …Continue reading »

Mastering Client Care

Getting Real with Aggressive Clients

By | Mar.06.14 | No Comments

Nobody enjoys dealing with aggressive clients, and some lawyers have the luxury of declining to represent them — a goal I heartily recommend. Sometimes, however, for myriad reasons, getting rid of these folks isn’t possible. …Continue reading »

Mastering Client Care

Managing the Aggressive Client: Your Roof, Your Rules

By | Feb.04.14 | 2 Comments

My last post on managing aggressive clients discussed the importance of your “first response.” Now we forge bravely ahead to using your physical environment to your advantage. Aggressive clients need to know that while they are under …Continue reading »

Mastering Client Care

Turning the Tiger: How to Handle the Aggressive Client

By | Jan.07.14 | 2 Comments

When you are paid to argue for a living, it’s pretty much a given that your job description will encompass some teeth-gnashing, hand-wringing and good old-fashioned tantrum-throwing. But even though a lawyer’s world can be …Continue reading »

Mastering Client Care

Transforming the Needy Client

By | Dec.04.13 | No Comments

The needy client is a multifaceted and challenging customer, usually driven by the forces of overwhelming anxiety. Although they appear in different guises, your rudimentary needy client is easy to recognize based on the unusually …Continue reading »

Mastering Client Care

When Clients Get Angry About Results

By | Nov.07.13 | 1 Comment

In her new series on mastering the care of clients, attorney Ryan Sullivan has advice for clearing up your client communications issues and elevating your service. With a smile. Sad truth: Nobody wins all the time. And …Continue reading »

The Friday Five

Five Ways to Be a Positive Professional

By | Jan.25.13 | No Comments

I tend to think of lawyers as “brain gladiators,” given how we flex our mind-muscles for our clients on a daily basis. But frustration, negativity and the daily grind can bring even the best Russell Crowe …Continue reading »