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Legal Technology

Traveling Internationally? Seven Things to Consider

Attorney Bill Gibson still remembers the ordeal of making a transatlantic phone call back in the 1970s when his wife lived in Europe. You had to put in a request at the post office or American Express office, then return hours later at an ...

Mary Ellen Sullivan - April 23, 2012

Things to Do When the Internet’s Down

Obviously, Attorney at Work lives here on the Internet. As does nearly everything else in the civilized world. But sometimes—be it solar flares, high winds, an ISP blunder or a vast electronic conspiracy—you lose access for a while. An hour. A ...

The Editors - April 20, 2012

Limiting Risk in the Cloud: Smarter SaaS Agreements

The cloud offers lawyers unparalleled software-as-a-service (SaaS) resources to manage their practices, organize documents and communicate with clients—but it can also blur the bright-line ethics rules. To safeguard the integrity of files in the ...

Tom Zuber - April 19, 2012

Android Apps for Easy Note-Taking and Dictation

One of the fundamental "tools" of the attorney arsenal has long been the yellow legal pad. I keep an abundant supply of these around my office, but as my law practice has evolved from paper to digital, I depend more on my Android tablet and ...

Jeffrey Taylor - April 10, 2012
man sitting in chair managing a law practice jared correia

Google Search Plus Your World, Part Two: Opportunity!

In part one of this two-part post, Jared Correia reviewed Google’s revised search protocol, represented as "Search Plus Your World"—how and why it works, and how to opt out if you prefer to keep your social media and search functions well ...

Jared Correia - April 3, 2012

Effective Email Marketing for Lawyers, Part Two: The Tools

If you decide to tackle email marketing on your own (as opposed to outsourcing the task), there are many online services that promise to help you build beautiful templates quickly and easily while also managing and maintaining your mailing ...

Ritchenya Dodd - April 2, 2012

Favorite Microsoft Office Add-Ons for Lawyers

It's true, of course, that very few people come even close to using all of the features in the software they own. We learn only enough to get by, with perhaps a couple of extra nifty tricks so we can feel smug. Then we tell ourselves we'll do ...

The Editors - March 30, 2012

Effective Email Marketing for Lawyers, Part One: The Basics

How many emails do you usually delete having read no more than the "from" line? Has your fear of adding to that in-box clutter—and recipiant irritation—kept you from including email in your marketing plans? Well, the truth is that there are ...

Ritchenya Dodd - March 29, 2012

Hot New Legal Technology Products

ABA TECHSHOW 2012 takes place this week in Chicago, March 29-31, and there's enough legal technology product news to keep the exposition hall buzzing way past closing time. In addition to the launches and upgrades we announced earlier in the ...

Joan Feldman - March 28, 2012
Woman and Man with tech in background

Work Remotely with Great Tech Tools

I live and write in the great, white, cold north, where the winters are long and the snows are deep and frequent. It takes a far hardier person than me to endure the endless winter months without heading south for an extended period of time to, ...

Vivian Manning - March 26, 2012