Book how to get clients as a lawyer
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Attorney at Work Book Helps Lawyers Get Clients

By Joan Feldman
Attorney at Work Book Helps how to get clients as a lawyer.

Attorney at Work ( announces the release of “Getting Clients: For Lawyers Starting Out or Starting Over,” a new book by legal marketing hall-of-Famer Merrilyn Astin Tarlton.


Review copies and interviews with Merrilyn Astin Tarlton are available upon request. The information below may be used in whole or part with acknowledgment to the author as the source and a link to Attorney at Work:

Soon You’ll Be Getting Clients!

The most difficult challenge a lawyer faces is figuring out how to get clients. Particularly if you’re a young lawyer. It can feel like there is a secret no one is telling when other lawyers have lots of clients with what looks like a minimum of work.

Merrilyn Astin Tarlton has been coaching lawyers to unlock those secrets for over 30 years. In her new book Getting Clients, she brings extensive knowledge and a warm sense of humor to walk you through what you need to be doing — and when you need to be doing it — to become the lawyer you have always wanted to be, doing the type of work you have always wanted to do.

With “Getting Clients” as your guide, you will:

  • Develop your own easy marketing plan.
  • Learn simple ways to remain motivated and on purpose.
  • Build and nurture your own unique network.
  • Apply the best marketing tactics for your target market.
  • Reap the rewards of your smart business development activities.


Merrilyn Astin Tarlton has been helping lawyers think differently about the practice of law since 1984 when she became one of North America’s first law firm marketing executives. Today she works with individuals and organizations to redefine success in the new business of law. Merrilyn is a founding member and past president of the Legal Marketing Association (LMA) and a past president and trustee of the College of Law Practice Management. She was honored to be inducted into the inaugural class of the LMA Hall of Fame and as a Fellow in the College. Merrilyn was a founding partner of and is a regular contributor. Contact Merrilyn directly at


Getting Clients: For Lawyers Starting Out or Starting Over
by Merrilyn Astin Tarlton (Attorney at Work, 2016)
List Price $40 (print); $20 (digital available in 2017)
Format: 5½ x 7½ soft-cover and PDF
143 pages
Published by Attorney at Work, USA
ISBN: 978-0-9895293-6-5

For purchasing information visit the Attorney at Work Bookstore here.

What People Are Saying

Merrilyn Astin Tarlton has distilled 30 years of insight and ingenuity into one of the smartest, sharpest, wisest books on legal business development you will ever read. Every page contains great ideas, proven strategies, and sage advice for lawyers who want to build thriving practices and are ready to start right now. ‘Getting Clients’ absolutely delivers on the promise of its title.
Jordan Furlong 
Legal Market Analyst & Forecaster, Law2

Even if you have read some of the hundreds of books and articles are written on how to get clients, get this book, study it, and keep referring to it until it is dog-eared. It is the most comprehensive discussion of everything you could do, how to do each of them, and how to monitor the results. And all of this seasoned with Merrilyn’s delightful sense of humor that makes it not only invaluable but also enjoyable to study.
Bob Denney 
President, Robert W. Denney Associates

Getting Clients’ is what every lawyer needs to do. And Merrilyn Astin Tarlton’s book is the best guide for getting clients for lawyers at every career stage. It will give you a kitbag of tools for building the practice you want. Smart law schools should hand it to new lawyers with their diplomas. Wise law firms, small or big, will make sure that every lawyer has a copy.
Simon Chester 
Counsel, Conflicts and Regulatory Matters, Gowling WLG

Getting Clients: For Lawyers Starting Out or Starting Over’ by Merrilyn Astin Tarlton provides a commonsensical guide for attorneys seeking to demystify the marketing and business development processes.
Tim Henderson 
Chief Recruitment & Professional Development Officer, Finnegan

“’It’s incredibly readable and written by one of the best. Read it through — then, go back and follow the step-by-step process to build your business. Recent grads have a road map for how to grow their practices. The 20-year veterans get a tune-up and reminders to sharpen their focus.
Mary Beth Pratt 
Former CMO with North American law firms


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Originally published March 7, 2017
Last updated August 9, 2020
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Joan Hamby Feldman Joan Feldman

Joan Feldman is Editor-in-Chief and a co-founder of Attorney at Work, publishing “one really good idea every day” since 2011. She has created and steered myriad leading practice management and trade publications, including the ABA’s Law Practice magazine where she served as managing editor for a dozen years. Joan is a Fellow and served as a Trustee of the College of Law Practice Management. Follow her on LinkedIn and @JoanHFeldman.

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