telephone etiquette

Law Firm Telephone Etiquette Best Practices

Attorney Noble McIntyre shares best practices for rolling out the welcome mat for new clients. First, tips for law firm telephone etiquette. Once someone contacts your law firm, everything — from the receptionist’s demeanor to the conference room decor — can affect whether that person will sign on as a client. So does your practice project […]

August 31, 2022 0 2 0
esprit de corps

Five Steps to Increase Esprit de Corps in Your Law Firm

In French, esprit de corps means “spirit of the group.” It refers to the camaraderie that inspires each individual to work toward the group's shared success. Esprit de corps is the heart of a healthy law firm — it represents the passion, support and motivation that are vital for building your firm’s culture and long-term profitability. Large or small, almost every law firm wants to improve its esprit de corps. The challenge is finding the time when your schedule is already maxed out. Here's why it is worth the investment.

August 29, 2022 0 1 0
lawyer billing rates

Acing Client Communications: How to Explain an Increase in Your Rates

While clients may not be overjoyed to learn their rates are increasing, they are used to receiving such news. So why not make this an opportunity to communicate clearly, accurately and confidently about where their money is going?

August 29, 2022 0 1 0
hobonichi techo

17 Amazing Ways a Hobonichi Techo 2022 Will Change Your Life

Analog Attorney | The Hobonichi Techo is the gold standard for dated and undated planners, and uses the world's best paper, and you should get one.

Originally published August 29, 2022
Last updated September 9, 2022
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outlook reminder email

How to Set Follow-up Reminders for Email in Outlook

Video | Deborah Savadra demonstrates an easy method for setting up email reminders using Microsoft Outlook Tasks.

Originally published August 28, 2022
Last updated September 9, 2022
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how to combat apathy

Five Ways to Combat Apathy and Feel Good Again

A lot of us are struggling with apathy now. Here are five ideas from Jamie Spannhake on how to increase your enthusiasm so that apathy becomes interest again.

Originally published August 28, 2022
Last updated September 9, 2022
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outlook rules

Using Outlook Rules to Process Email Like a Pro

Drowning in email? This excerpt from "Microsoft Outlook for Legal Professionals" tells how to manage rules so you can process email faster — plus a rule for keeping track of what you delegated by email.

Originally published August 28, 2022
Last updated September 22, 2022
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minimize distractions

Six Quick Tips to Minimize Distractions

Danielle DavisRoe | We can’t completely remove ourselves from interruptions, but we can minimize them a bit with these tricks.

Originally published August 26, 2022
Last updated August 29, 2022
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is law school worth it

Was Law School Worth It?

Accounts from 10 lawyers. Some who have no regrets about getting a law degree, and others who aren’t so sure if law school was worth it.

Originally published August 25, 2022
Last updated September 9, 2022
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great lawyers

Five Traits of Great Lawyers

What makes a great lawyer? Is it intelligence, good people skills, effective writing? Of course, we must have a certain level of intelligence and motivation, along with experience and opportunities. But the truth is, the traits that transform a good lawyer into a great lawyer may not be the ones you think.

Originally published August 25, 2022
Last updated September 9, 2022
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