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Growing Your Law Practice in Tough Times

Ed Poll

Success lies in identifying and capturing the right kinds of clients, providing the services those clients need in ways that add value, and ensuring prompt payment and the ability to grow profits. Ed Poll makes it easy.

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Secrets of the Business of Law 2nd Edition

Ed Poll

In this newly revised and expanded second edition of Ed Poll’s highly praised Secrets of the Business of Law: Successful Practices for Increasing Your Profits!, you’ll find a wealth of hands-on advice to help increase success—and satisfaction—across crucial areas of your practice.

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The Extraordinary Managing Partner: Reaching the Pinnacle of Law Firm Management

John J. Michalik, J.D.

Essential reading for anyone who is serving as a managing partner in a law firm, or simply interested in acquiring additional understanding of what is involved in law firm management.

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The Extraordinary Administrator

Paul A.C. Malliaté

Learn what it takes to be an extraordinary administrator and chart a successful career. This book is published with the support of the Foundation of the Association of Legal Administrator.

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The Extraordinary Law Firm: Making Your Firm a Great Place to Work

Charles E. Stinnett

Great law firms do not just happen. They are the products of exceptional leadership and sweat equity. This book aims to equip firm managers with the knowledge and desire to transform their offices into the remarkable workplaces.

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The Extraordinary Bundle

John J. Michalik

The Extraordinary Bundle is your pathway to creating an extraordinary law firm! Become an extraordinary administrator, and help your managing partner become extraordinary, as you both discover how to lead your firm in becoming an extraordinary place to work.

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200 Ways to Make Your Law Firm an Extraordinary Place to Work

Sue Umbdenstock and Rosemary Shiels

What do you do to stand out as an employer? What makes your staff and attorneys want to come to work every day? Read about the events, activities, special recognitions and other best practices in place at some of your peers’ firms and discover ways to foster a culture of integrity, caring and camaraderie.

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Minimize Risk: How to Structure Law Firm Internal Controls

Rosemary Shiels

Use this book as a guide to help you set up and manage an adequate system of controls for collecting, recording, organizing and reporting information that is necessary for efficiently running the firm

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The Profitable Law Office Handbook: Attorney’s Guide to Successful Business Planning 16th Anniversary Edition (Digital)

Ed Poll

This brand-new edition of Ed Poll’s popular The Profitable Law Office Handbooktakes lawyers through the business planning process in an easy-to-understand, step-by-step format. You’ll learn the essential elements of how to create a plan that your law practice will really use because it will be workable and manageable even for the smallest firm.

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Evolutionary Road: A Strategic Guide to Your Law Firm’s Future (Digital Edition)

Jordan Furlong

Tired of hearing the legal profession is in crisis? Jordan Furlong cuts through the chaos with a clear depiction of what the future holds for lawyers and their firms. Includes companion discussion guide and planning tools.

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