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Law Practice Management Guides: Attorney at Work

By The Editors

You’ll find the best law practice management advice and actionable law practice tips in Attorney at Work’s practice-building guides.

law practice management guides

Looking for an effective and efficient path to success in your law practice? Our top-notch guides provide step-by-step instructions, valuable advice and practical tips on law practice management, marketing and business development, and more. Attorney at Work guides are designed to keep your firm and your career on the right track.

Level Up Your Marketing With the Best of Attorney at Work

marketing for lawyers

This special issue of Attorney at Work Magazine contains more than 70 pages of our best law firm marketing and business development articles. Whether it’s your first time marketing your services or you’re looking for an edge to build your book of business, you’ll find good ideas and commonsense advice that will help your practice flourish and grow.

Crisis Evaluation and Messaging Checklist

law firm crisis communication

Is your firm’s communication plan ready to handle the next crisis? For help with your crisis communication plan, download your copy of Gina Rubel’s “Crisis Evaluation and Messaging Checklist” and “Key Message Matrix,” excerpted from her book, “Everyday Public Relations for Lawyers,” 2nd Edition.

Really Good Marketing Ideas: How to Get Business This Year

really good marketing ideas

Our most popular download, it’s written by knowledgeable contributors and organized in three sections: “Getting the Work,” “Your Social Media Game Plan” and “Balancing Legal Marketing Ethics.”

What’s Working for Your Law Practice? Everything  — or Just You?

building a successful law practice

Why do lawyers really struggle for work-life balance? In “6 Steps to Building a Successful Practice,” Dustin Cole helps you build a foundation for a successful practice and a happier life.

4th Annual Social Media Marketing Survey Report

4th annual social media marketing survey

How are lawyers using social media to market their practices? What’s paying off? Conducted in the fall of 2018, Attorney at Work’s 4th Annual Social Media Marketing Survey netted responses from 406 legal professionals.

How Much Does It Cost to Start a Law Firm?

how much does it cost to start a law firm

What will it cost you to start a new law firm? Jared Correia, CEO of Red Cave Consulting, breaks down the four categories and 11 tiers of expenses for your first year in practice.

Law Firm Associate’s Guide to Business Development

law firm associate's guide to business development

In this law practice management guide, big firm or small, there’s a single question the partners ask about young associates: “Is she a keeper?” And we all know what ultimately swings the pendulum on that question: “Can she bring in clients?” “Build It” is packed with expert advice on business development for young lawyers. Show them you’re a keeper.

A Lawyer’s Guide to Social Media Marketing

lawyer's guide to social media marketing

We asked top law firm marketers for advice on where lawyers should focus their social media efforts — and for their best tips on how to up your game. If you’re just getting started, the 75-page guide will help you cover the bases. Does your social media presence need an upgrade? These experts will help you rethink social media’s role in your firm’s marketing strategy.

Timely Guides on Sponsorship for Women Lawyers

sponsorship for women lawyers

From Ida O. Abbott, author of the bestselling book “Sponsoring Women: What Men Need to Know,” here are two free guides with tips to help you find a sponsor to champion your career — and advice on what WOMEN need to know about working with a sponsor.

Personal Branding for Lawyers: Self-Assessment Workbook

personal branding for lawyers

Jay Harrington’s workbook will help you understand how to assess your unique strengths and weaknesses as a lawyer. The questions are derived from his book “One of a Kind: A Proven Path to a Profitable Legal Practice” and are intended to help spark new ideas about how you build your brand and your practice.

3rd Annual Social Media Marketing Survey Results

social media survey report

Here’s how more than 300 lawyers told us they were using social media platforms in their law firm marketing efforts for Attorney at Work’s 2017 Lawyers and Social Media Marketing Survey Report.

49 Tips for the New Lawyer

49 Tips for the New Lawyer

This law practice management guide, improved and expanded from the original “25 Tips for the New Lawyer,” has nearly double the tips and live links to even more really good ideas you can use. Whether you’re a junior or senior lawyer, backed up by an army of support staff and partners or valiantly braving it solo, there is plenty of sound advice for you here.

40 Ways to Make Networking Work

40 ways to make networking work

Unfortunately, “networking” has become a mere buzzword — intimidating to the uninitiated and off-putting to many. Merrilyn Astin Tarlton says it’s really about “nurturing relationships,” and she has a handy collection of important tips and definitions to guide you. Download the Tip Sheet here.

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