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Valentine’s Emergency?

You do remember that it's Valentine's Day today, right? Or have you been so busy with work, and life (and the Sochi games), you totally forgot? Maybe like some of us (gulp), you put off the gift-giving decision too long and now you're in a ...

The Editors - February 14, 2014
Holiday Gift Guide for Lawyers in Your Life

Nothing trite. Nothing cliche. Just lots of specific ideas for those hard-to-please attorneys!

Reid Trautz - November 15, 2013
Build a Stress Safety Net Into Your Law Practice

C’mon. We know you work long hours for what seems like an increasingly smaller paycheck. That you have to deal with belligerent clients, difficult judges and a schedule so overbooked that you hardly have time to take a breath, much less a lunch ...

Mary Ellen Sullivan - July 3, 2013
Friday Five
Relax and Take Five for Yourself!

As of 1:04 a.m. EST, it's officially summer! And about darn time. Since we're feeling the celebratory summer solstice joy today, we're revisiting one of our favorite posts, with well-timed advice on ways to enjoy life's special moments (like the ...

Reid Trautz - June 21, 2013
Celebrate the End of Darkness

For today's Friday Five, we have five good reasons to add a little light to your life and celebrate next week's Winter Solstice—the shortest day of the year and its longest night. That's right, in 2012, the earliest winter since 1896 arrives ...

Merrilyn Astin Tarlton - December 14, 2012
No Trick! Take a Treat for Your Tablet

Beyond standard-issue snap covers, there are some pretty sleek, practical and just plain fun ways to accessorize an iPad (or whatever king-sized or fun-sized tablet is your pleasure). So if you've just snagged a new iPad or Mini, or feel like ...

Joan Feldman - October 31, 2012
Summer Reading, Heat Wave Edition

At last, it's a nice long summer holiday break! With triple-digit temperatures the norm, there's no better time to pour a nice tall cool one, put your feet up in a shady spot and take a bite out of your summer reading list. Don't have a list? ...

The Editors - July 5, 2012
Red, White & Blue Things to Do

Hooray, it’s a three-day weekend! All across the States, folks are heaving a sigh of relief at having a Monday off from their crazy schedules. But Memorial Day weekend—with its annual mix of events (and emotions) that run the gamut from backyard ...

Joy White - May 25, 2012
Have a Wild Rumpus Day

Are you, too, remembering Maurice Sendak this week? Perhaps reliving the deliciously scary times you spent Where the Wild Things Are? Recalling bedtimes when you snuggled with your little one and a well-worn copy of In the Night Kitchen? Then ...

Merrilyn Astin Tarlton - May 11, 2012
Things to Do When the Internet’s Down

Obviously, Attorney at Work lives here on the Internet. As does nearly everything else in the civilized world. But sometimes—be it solar flares, high winds, an ISP blunder or a vast electronic conspiracy—you lose access for a while. An hour. A ...

The Editors - April 20, 2012

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