Public Speaking

lawyer in room using slide deck with presentation technology

Slide Presentation and Technology 101 for Lawyers

Presentation technology has come such a long way, “Death by PowerPoint” should be a thing of the past. How can you be sure the new visual and audio aids you are using enhance your message — and don’t detract from it? In ...

Catherine Sanders Reach - June 27, 2016

How to Look Them in the Eye

There's no getting around it. As a lawyer, you must be able to meet the gaze of everyone you speak to, and you should always make eye contact when addressing an audience. Easy to say, of course, but somewhat harder to execute. I’ve heard lots ...

Marsha Hunter - January 23, 2014

Perfecting Your Presentation Skills

There's a misplaced belief among lawyers, one that many may hold as a self-evident "truth": Rehearsing and practicing is for lily-livered, milksop fraidy-cats.

Marsha Hunter - October 15, 2013

Presenting With Your iPad

You stand at the front of the room to make your presentation, but this time it's different: You are doing it all with your iPad! With a little preparation and practice, you can use your iPad as a sleek, subtle tool to educate and convince your ...

Carol Gerber - August 20, 2012
disrespectful clients

The Best Public Speaking Advice

I have had the pleasure of being a public performer for 22 years as a gymnast, a classically trained singer, a flash mob performer and, more recently, a speaker on legal topics. Despite all of my experience, I still get nervous. Before most ...

Ruth Carter - May 15, 2012
microphone Fear of Speaking

Fear of Speaking? How to Banish Fear and Give an Applause-Worthy Speech

Yes, we can hear the jokes now. A lawyer who is afraid to speak is like a vegan at a steakhouse—not only rare (no pun intended) but also a bit laughable. But wait. To many a lawyer, fear of speaking is not funny, it is an unhappy reality. But ...

Mary Ellen Sullivan - February 9, 2012

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