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Product Spotlight

LEAP – One System to Manage Your Solo and Small Law Firm

By Chris Stock

LEAP can increase law office billing by as much as 30 percent because the system facilitates capturing every service provided to the client  — and that makes the investment well worth the money.

Focused on Serving Small Law Firms

LEAP is a cloud-based law office management software supplier with the sole focus of meeting the needs of small law firms and assisting them to operate more efficiently and productively.

As LEAP only provides software to small law firms of between 1 and 25 people, we help the lawyers who help people. With this deliberate focus, LEAP can provide the very best solutions for solo and small law firm attorneys.

A Single, Integrated Practice Management System

LEAP commits more than $6 million each year to annual research and development, aimed solely at improving and inventing great solutions for small law firms.

Leap Figure 1

LEAP is everything attorneys need to run a small law firm and allows everyone to work naturally using a single, integrated system.

  • LEAP includes pre-configured Matter Types modules covering all the common areas of law.
  • With easy to complete fields, LEAP enables you to automate documents and run all matters efficiently and confidently.
  • Seamless integration with Microsoft Word, Outlook and Excel means you can continue to use the tools you know and love rather than re-train yourself or your staff.
  • You can even keep your bookkeeper happy because accounting is made easy in LEAP.

The greatest benefit cloud software offers your small law firm is mobility. Without the need for a server, you can now work effectively from anywhere at any time. LEAP is available with or without an Internet connection* and the LEAP smartphone app, provides you the ability to work while on the move.

Smooth Transition

One of the biggest challenges for small law firms is not only choosing the right practice management software but also identifying when their existing system is more of a limitation than an asset. When a firm is stuck using different providers for legal case management, trust accounting, billing, time recording, and document management, LEAP can offer a data conversion to help with a smooth transition to its world-class platform.

The LEAP brand promise is that “Firms using LEAP make more MONEY.” Both our product and service are designed and proven to deliver on this promise.

To request a free demonstration, visit

Chris Stock is the CEO of LEAP in the USA and has 7 years’ experience working in Professional Services and Product Management. Before working at LEAP he spent 7 years working in small and mid-size law firms which gave him insight into how lawyers typically work and what can be done to improve efficiency within firms.


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Categories: Cloud Computing, Document Management, Legal Technology, Managing a Law Firm, Product Spotlight
Originally published May 2, 2016
Last updated February 11, 2018
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