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Data Analytics

data visualization
Data Visualization Accelerates eDiscovery: Picture This

Data visualization is gaining traction as we grapple with terabytes of electronically stored information.

Tal Davidson - May 20, 2024
business and competitive Intelligence
Primer on Using State Court Trial Data for Business and Competitive Intelligence

Law firms’ ability to leverage state trial court data brings their business and competitive intelligence capabilities to a new level.

Nicole Clark - March 6, 2024
legal analytics technologies
Going With the Flow of Civil Litigation: How to Stay Current With Legal Analytics

Nicole Clark | Legal analytics technologies push attorneys to look at litigation practice in entirely new ways.

Nicole Clark - June 22, 2023
legal data API
Best Practices: Engaging Managed Services Providers to Build Your Firm’s Legal Data API Integrations

Josh Blandi | Best practices for working with MSPs to build out your firm's API integrations.

Josh Blandi - February 13, 2023
legal data APIs
Why Lawyers Should Use Managed Services Providers for API Integrations

Josh Blandi | Why lawyers should use Managed Services Providers for API integrations.

Josh Blandi - November 7, 2022
judicial research
Bruce’s Beach: A Case Study for Judicial Analytics Best Practices

Nicole Clark | By following the details of Bruce's Beach, we can begin to unravel the strategic importance of judicial research and analytics.

Nicole Clark - September 29, 2022
orgaimi law firm client intelligence
Orgaimi Founder Paul Giedraitis: Understanding the Value of Client Intelligence

For a recent "Reinventing Professionals" podcast, Ari Kaplan spoke with Orgaimi Founder Paul Giedraitis. Here are highlights.

Ari Kaplan - August 18, 2022
investigative data
Gathering Data on Your Client

Josh Taylor | Lawyer's Guide to Investigative Data, Part 1: As a lawyer, it is your job to know what questions to ask and what advice to give your clients. How can you do that without facts and data?

Josh Taylor - June 14, 2022
litigation landscape
Crafting a Soft Sell With Hard Data: The Art of Legal Analytics in Business Development

Trellis legal analytics | Keeping up on the litigation landscape with AI-powered legal analytics can help cultivate productive and meaningful client relationships.

Nicole Clark - May 23, 2022
strategic law firm positioning
How Attorneys Can Use Legal Data for Strategic Law Firm Positioning

Josh Blandi | Using legal data for strategic law firm positioning means knowing where the chips are falling before the next hand is dealt.

Josh Blandi - September 15, 2021

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