Put a Smile On It

By | Jan.28.11 | Daily Dispatch, The Friday Five

Friday tends to make everyone happy. So this week’s Friday Five is dedicated to … happiness!

1. Help someone who needs it. Doing good makes lots of people happier. Read how marketing consultant Ross Fishman and many business travelers have discovered that donating hotel toiletries can help people in need get through a tough time. It’s easy. And it feels good. (Some law firms encourage everyone to save hotel toiletries and place them in a central collection area.)

2. Put a techie smile on your own face. If you’re heading to ALM’s LegalTech next week, you’ll be delighted with the new LegalTech Mobile online guide. You can just ditch the paper program and follow everything—vendors, programs, speakers—on your handheld. And it’s pretty to look at and zippy, too.

3. Speaking of zippy. Whether student of an evolving legal profession or curmudgeonly naysayer, you’ll be interested in LegalZoom. It’s the latest volley in the new legal business model world. Read what our advisor Jordan Furlong has to say about it in Lawyers and the Red Balloon.

4. The whole planet deserves to be happy. But is it? Happy Planet Index combines data about environmental impact with human well-being to measure how and whether people in different countries live long and happy lives. Without a doubt, you’ll find the maps on this U.K. website are great conversation starters. They depict life expectancy, life satisfaction and ecological footprint, worldwide.

5. What would your smile look like today? The World Database of Happiness tracks how happy people are. This interactive infographic is pleasant to look at and quite revealing.

Next Friday: Really putting your heart into it.

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