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PracticePanther Product Spotlight

The Top 10 Tools That Set PracticePanther Apart!

By Practice Panther

PracticePanther is one of the fastest growing case management / legal practice management software providers. Thousands of attorneys in more than 35 countries have switched to PracticePanther because of how much time and money it saves them.

But wouldn’t it be nice to know what features they love? Which ones really make PracticePanther stand out above the rest?

You’ve got it!


Ranked by popularity, here are the top 10 favorite PracticePanther features that made the list.

1. Intake Forms

Clients like convenience and law firms benefit from organization. The use of online intake forms that can be filled out from a mobile device allows you to achieve both. You can create an unlimited number of forms, then embed them on your website or send with a link.

2. Built-in Text Message Appointment Reminders

For both your client and you! Impress clients with your universal communication skills, while decreasing the average no-show rates of appointments across the board.

3. New: Calendar Integration!

A missed deadline or series of events related to cases can be disastrous for a law firm.  An integration with adds even more functionality to traditional calendar appointments. Create a to-do list from events you are responsible for in a specific court.

4. Internal Chat

Instead of using text messages, email or the random walk-by verbal command, chat your teammate about a case or client. The instant response helps you get the answers you need right when you need them!

5. Client Portal

A cheerful color scheme and easy to use interface makes the client portal an inviting space to share information with your clients. Mobile friendly, and highly responsive clients can access documents, exchange, encrypted messages, and complete forms securely.

6. New: MailChimp Integration!

Most law firms generate the largest percentage of their work from referrals. Now, you can enroll past clients, and new contacts in a newsletter campaign, or send pre-scheduled client update emails thanks to an integration with MailChimp’s email marketing platform.

7. Advanced Contact Tagging to Run Custom Reports

Use tags to label or group contacts such as “referral source.” Then run a report to show a list of cases and which have been paid. You can quickly identify not only who your top referral sources are but use the report to pay out referral fees.

8. Templates and Workflows

Automation and workflows have gained popularity in recent years. In PracticePanther, you can create a set of document templates. Common forms, letters, emails or other repetitive documents are perfect. Then, use Custom Fields to insert contact or case details into the documents.

Customize your New Matter Screens to include the Custom Fields screen and you are ready to automate documents for every new case of that type. For phase two of your automation extravaganza, add automatic task lists to every new case. Each task will be assigned to the dashboard of the teammate who is responsible.

9. The Dashboard and Matter Specific Screens

PracticePanther prides itself on ease of use. The program was built to show or hide the most relevant information to you. You can create a screen of columns with activity or matter information with case details. The more users customize their screens, the easier the program becomes to use because it’s exactly how you want it.

10. Time and Billing — Plus Payments!

While you are working on cases, PracticePanther helps you get paid faster. Use a built-in timer to start or stop a billing record. Even mark it complete from the car, or when you take a call while walking out of the office. Then record expenses or upload receipts to add to the invoice later.

Money in! Invoices can be sent in a batch to save time or created individually as needed. Online payments powered by LawPay keep clients’ accounts funded with evergreen retainers. Easily reconcile trust and operating accounts with a built-in QuickBooks Online integration.

Well there you have it! The top 10 tools that our clients love about PracticePanther.

Test Drive PracticePanther and Save 10 Percent Off Your First Year

If you’re looking for a case management software that can save you over $12,000 per year, per user, we invite you to check out PracticePanther. We’re the most intuitive platform for running your law firm and we’re improving every day. In 2017, we released over 80 new features and functions — and we’re constantly working to make PracticePanther even better!

To get your free demo or take a free one-week test drive of PracticePanther, click here and use code atw2018 for 10 percent off your first year.

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Categories: Legal Technology, Product Spotlight
Originally published January 12, 2018
Last updated July 22, 2022
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