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Top Marketing Advice of 2011

By The Editors

You strain to hear through the cacophony of year-end media coverage for what 2012 might bring you—or what you might go out and get. What plans should you be making? What’s working for others? What should your next priorities be? Well, if you’ve been wishing somebody would just tell you what to do … here we are!

We’ve assembled the top marketing articles from the past 12 months of Attorney at Work—the ones readers told us helped them most, and the ones that generated the most “clicks”—into a handy downloadable guide to help get you rolling on your plans for next year. It may just be the starting point—or the kick in the pants—you’ve been needing. So, take a read through the tips and checklists in the Lawyer Marketing Collection, and share and discuss them with your colleagues. When it’s time to set your business development plans in motion, we bet you’ll know exactly what you need to do!

Download Lawyer Marketing Collection 2011


Categories: Business Development, Daily Dispatch, Lawyer Social Media, Legal Technology
Originally published December 27, 2011
Last updated October 11, 2016
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