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49 Tips for the New Lawyer

By The Editors

Who among us couldn’t use some good advice? An encouraging little nudge or two in the right direction, or a timely kick under the conference table? 


When we first published “25 Tips for the New Lawyer” it was a big hit. And it’s not only the new lawyers who have been downloading it — those tips resonate with more “tenured” lawyers as well. 

You Deserve an Upgrade

Today we roll out the new, improved and expanded version of the original: “49 Tips for the New Lawyer.” It has nearly double the tips, plus 128 live links to a boatload of really good ideas and information you can use. And, of course, it’s still free.

Whether you’re a junior or senior lawyer, backed up by an army of support staff and partners or valiantly braving it solo, soak up some of this sound advice.

Categories: Daily Dispatch, New Lawyers, Resources
Originally published December 12, 2014
Last updated August 21, 2018
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