How to Use Marketing Automation to Drive Business B


outlook conversation view

Outlook’s InfoBar: Under Your Nose, at Your Command

Microsoft Outlook’s Message InfoBar is often overlooked. That’s unfortunate because it’s a wellspring of, well, info! Vivian Manning has tips for understanding what the InfoBar does and how to use it to save time and clicks.

Originally published May 27, 2022
Last updated June 7, 2022
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better listening

Lawyers Suck at Listening: Three Ways to Turn It Around

Annie Little says lawyers are terrible listeners. Is that the reputation you want? Three ways to turn it around. Better Listening. Oh, don’t act so shocked. You know it’s true. Even if you’re an exceptionally sensitive lawyer, you’re still stuck dealing with other lawyers. And you’re not exactly a fan of being cut off, condescended […]

Originally published May 27, 2022
Last updated June 15, 2022
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Five Ways a Sabbatical Can Help You Assess Retirement

Camille Stell explains the power of a sabbatical. Here's how taking one can help you begin to consider life after the law.

Originally published May 27, 2022
Last updated June 3, 2022
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silicon valley in-house counsel

5 Tips on Working with Silicon Valley In-House Counsel

Laura Ernde | Takeaways from the LMA panel featuring Dama Brown, Jordan Coleman, Farschad Farzan, and Lam Nguyen.

May 27, 2022 0 1 0
fight song

What’s Your Fight Song?

The right tune can propel you into that game-face headspace you need to swagger into the courtroom or a pitch meeting with a winner's mindset.

Originally published May 27, 2022
Last updated June 9, 2022
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checklist law firm management

Five Checklists to Make Your Law Practice More Efficient and Profitable

Processes are the means by which we get things done, and checklists can keep us on top of what needs to get done. That’s why pilots, surgeons and astronauts use checklists extensively. They help eliminate the fear of forgetting something important. When you set up a new client file, end a client matter or do any number of common law practice tasks, you have a standard process. It's most likely in your head, though, and not well documented. Checklists are great tools for making sure you are completing the routine processes in your practice without mistakes. They'll also save you time, especially if you want to delegate certain tasks. So let's get some of these processes out of your head ... READ THE REST

Originally published May 27, 2022
Last updated June 7, 2022
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masterful presentations

On Deck: Pro Tips for Creating Masterful Presentations

For Friday Five+ Tech Tips, we invite a dream team of law practice technology experts to give their best advice for tackling the everyday tech quandaries that plague us all, to help your practice run just a bit more smoothly. This month’s question: "What's your best advice for making better presentations?” Heidi Alexander, Jim Calloway, Simon Chester, Reid Trautz and Nora Regis have logged a dizzying number of presentations. Here's what they've learned about powering up your time at the podium.

Originally published May 27, 2022
Last updated July 29, 2022
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