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Team Communications

Capture ‘Short Explosions of Ideas’ With Slack

By | Jul.06.16 | No Comments

When Jeff Sherr was introduced to Slack, it struck him as a better way to capture and share those “short explosions of ideas” that happen after conferences and other events. You know when you’re out to dinner, …Continue reading »

Shape the Law Unconference

Women Lawyers Create Their Own Agenda

By | May.04.16 | No Comments

Last Friday, dozens of women gathered at the San Francisco offices of Seyfarth Shaw for the first Shape the Law unconference. No, no. You didn’t misread, and that isn’t a typo. Popular in the technology world, an …Continue reading »

The Friday Five

Five Lessons in Law Firm Cybersecurity and Privacy

By | Apr.08.16 | No Comments

What’s that phrase from “The Godfather, Part III”? Oh yeah. “Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.” I left legal tech behind six months ago for Silicon Valley, and while …Continue reading »

Practice Innovation

Want to Avoid Irrelevance? Put Data to Work

By | May.26.14 | No Comments

At LexThink 2014, Gwynne Monahan started her six-minute speech on the given theme, “The End of Irrelevance,” with a creative analogy: Strawberry Pop-Tarts. What does the iconic breakfast pastry have to do with your law practice? You …Continue reading »

Popular on Attorney at Work

Searching Social Media

By | Aug.06.13 | No Comments

Social media. A familiar topic for me, and a staple now at ABA TECHSHOW. I’d be remiss, though, if I didn’t say I walked into the 2013 session “Social Media as Information Gathering Tool” as …Continue reading »

Social Media

Searching Social Media

By | Apr.15.13 | 2 Comments

Social media. A familiar topic for me, and a staple now at ABA TECHSHOW. I’d be remiss if I didn’t say I walked into the session, “Social Media as Information Gathering Tool,” a skeptic last …Continue reading »

Getting Found on the Internet

Try These Google+ Tactics

By | Jan.22.13 | 1 Comment

I confess that I am annoyed when people call Google+ a ghost town. I have to bite my tongue and crack my knuckles to avoid furious screaming and typing “You’re doing it wrong!” But wait. Wait. …Continue reading »

Friday Five

Simplify Your Social Life with Livefyre

By | Sep.14.12 | 3 Comments

If you are hard at work building your online presence, with a website, a blog (or two) and social media accounts, soon you’ll find that managing the “back end” can make you a little, well, …Continue reading »

Measuring Up on the InterWebs

By | Jun.22.12 | 3 Comments

I confess that writing a post about ways to measure social media performance took some thinking, mainly because I don’t put much stock in the typical metrics, like follower count. Getting people to follow you …Continue reading »

Social Media

Should Lawyers Care About Klout Scores?

By | May.14.12 | 1 Comment

Attorney at Work has been after me for a post about Klout. Try as I might, the drafts are snarky. I simply can’t get past my mantra: Until my Klout score replaces my credit score, …Continue reading »