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Pumpkin Spice Flavored Apps

Legal Tech Product News for Fall

By Gwynne Monahan

Fall brings with it cooler temperatures, changing colors and pumpkin spice everything. We’ve got a variety of other flavors with this round of practice management technology news that includes major announcements from MyCase, Rocket Matter, Ruby Receptionist, and Tabs3 and Cosmolex.

Oh, and in case there isn’t enough heat in the mix, the Clio Cloud Conference is this week so stay tuned for more tech news and announcements.

Until then, here are a few highlights.

MyCase Updates, Tech Improvements and Enhancements

There’s already a lot to like about MyCase, and that hasn’t changed with its recent slew of updates, improvements and enhancements. This includes improved Dropbox integration that immediately syncs with MyCase, whether you’re using the desktop or online version of Dropbox. We can’t possibly do the integration justice in this little blurb so go check out the finer details on the MyCase blog.

There are now better collaboration tools for its mobile app, and reports to quickly spot and correct inefficiencies, like a Fee Allocation Report and a Case Revenue Report. Hey, cool! You can better see what cases are making money.

Speaking of money, you can now automate invoice reminders.

Yes, you read that correctly. Automated invoice reminders means you can stop wasting time chasing down payments and, instead, kindly and professionally automatically remind clients about overdue payments.

For a more complete breakdown of its slew of updates, go here.

Rocket Matter Releases Braavos

Continuing its tradition of naming releases after pop culture references, Braavos is the latest release from Rocket Matter. Braavos is one of the most powerful free cities in “Game of Thrones” (Google it if you forgot, like we did since it’s been a GOT-free year). Rocket Matter packs, well, a powerful punch in this update.

Braavos includes a new optional add-on module for insurance defense firms that also includes LEDES code entry across Rocket Matter’s Bill-as-You-Work technology, which is quite significant as it means LEDES codes can be captured throughout Rocket Matter (think tasks, calendar events, document uploads) and its integrations like Office 365 (think Word, Outlook).

“We’re excited for Braavos,” says Larry Port, Rocket Matter founder. “Many of our larger clients are insurance defense firms that are burdened by very inefficient billing processes. Rocket Matter’s Insurance Defense module will be able to vastly increase the accuracy and collections of these law firms and make insurance defense lawyers’ lives a whole lot easier.”

Check out this handy 47-second video on Braavos and the Insurance Defense module.

Of course, the Braavos update has more: a whopping 80 percent speed increase for invoicing, and the addition of bulk editing capabilities.

Hang on. Let’s give bulk editing capabilities a “Hooray!” You don’t have to leave the billing screen to make changes! And you can make more than one change at a time! Read more on Rocket Matter and Braavos here.

Ruby Receptionists Brings You Ruby Solo

Believe it or not, phone numbers are still a thing. Having a landline phone is still a thing, especially for businesses, which means you need someone to answer it when it rings. Enter Ruby Receptionists.

Whether you have a physical office, or work from wherever you want, Ruby Receptionists means your office always sounds friendly and professional when someone calls. That just got even better with Ruby Solo.

According to its news release, Ruby Solo “provides entrepreneurs and solo business owners a local phone number, a comprehensive suite of management and productivity features in the Ruby mobile app, and a team of charming receptionists at the ready to take calls when they can’t.” Did you catch that? A local phone number, which means you don’t have to give out your personal number.

The best part, though, is that “with Ruby Solo, business owners can give their callers and customers a consistent, exceptional phone experience.” Having a bad day? No problem. With Ruby Receptionists, that won’t rub off on your clients. Self-care is becoming an increasingly important topic of discussion for lawyers and entrepreneurs, and Ruby Solo can play an important role in that by giving you the freedom to focus on the task at hand.

Tabs3 + Cosmolex

Surprise! Tabs3 has acquired Cosmolex, making it “the most complete offering of billing, financial and practice management software for solo to midsized law firms; whether they want a desktop or cloud solution,” according to the announcement. The marriage of desktop and cloud applications, at one time unthinkable, is now a reality.

Tabs3 acquiring Cosmolex means that users don’t have to choose one or the other, which means better productivity for all. For more information, read the announcement, here.

Categories: Case Management, Legal Tech Reviews, Legal Technology
Originally published October 3, 2018
Last updated December 17, 2019
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Gwynne Monahan

Gwynne Monahan is a freelance writer and editor who follows the mantra: Write Well. Edit Better. Best known by her Twitter handle @econwriter5Gwynne follows consumer trends in technology, and how they may impact the practice of law. She helps connect the dots so lawyers can more effectively, and efficiently run their practices. Quick with a book suggestion, witty comment or a laugh, Gwynne also enjoys baseball, jazz, foods she couldn’t get in Canada (you’ll have to ask her) and the sound of the “L.” She earned her M.Sc., with honors, in IT and Privacy Law from The John Marshall Law School.

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