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Ask the Experts

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What You Need to Know About Client Feedback Programs

Question: We’d like to start a client feedback program. What do we need to consider when implementing this type of program? In this edition of "Ask the Experts from the Legal Marketing Association," Jim Jarrell, ...

The Editors - September 1, 2015

Which Social Media Platforms Are Important for Lawyers?

Question: I am an attorney looking to build my brand online. So what social media platforms should I get active in, or are any of them really that important? A person could go crazy keeping up with every single social media ...

The Editors - August 4, 2015
Top Three

Three Questions for the Legal Marketing Experts

Once a month the Legal Marketing Association drops by to apply the wizardry of their more experienced members to your questions. Today Tina Emerson and Nathalie Daum take on three questions: Should I advertise? Why CRM software? What about brand ...

The Editors - June 10, 2015

Best Way to Improve Your Law Firm’s Profitability?

Question: We’re all working hard to increase revenue from new business and reduce overall spending, but we just can’t seem to improve the bottom line. What is the best thing we can do to improve the profitability of our law ...

The Editors - April 29, 2015

Who Cares About Martindale-Hubbell?

There was a time when a sizable listing and an AV Peer Review rating in the Martindale-Hubbell directory was a lawyer's key to an endless flow of high-class clients. And today plenty of cash is still spent on premium listings in legal ...

The Editors - March 3, 2015
Super Boss

Can You Be a Better Boss?

Question: From a firm administrator’s perspective, what could a lawyer do to be a better boss? Supervising staff can be a challenge, but any lawyer can be a good boss with a little conscious effort. In this edition ...

The Editors - February 25, 2015
Social Media

Does Social Media Really Work as a Marketing Tool?

Question: I read so much about lawyers engaging in social media, but I see little evidence of its effectiveness. How is social media being used by lawyers in a way that is beneficial? For this edition of "Ask the ...

The Editors - January 8, 2015

I Hate Public Speaking! Is It Worth the Effort?

Question: I hate public speaking, but I do it because I’m told it’s good marketing. But when I take days to prepare for a single speech that brings me no new business, I’m inclined to refuse the next invitation. What am I ...

The Editors - December 15, 2014
Women Lawyers

Gender Bias: Time to Leave Your Law Firm?

Question: “I’m a young female lawyer working in a midsize law firm. It’s fairly obvious that women are treated as second-class citizens around here. Are there ways that you have seen to effectively battle this bias — or do I ...

The Editors - November 20, 2014

What ‘Creative Perks’ Boost Morale?

Question: For a smaller firm without a huge budget, what kinds of "creative perks" could we offer employees to show appreciation, to help boost morale and motivation? The truth is, your employees are being asked to do more ...

The Editors - November 5, 2014