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Legal Technology

Woman and Man with tech in background

If Tech Ain’t Happy, Ain’t Nobody Happy

You know your tech support folks love you. We really, really do. But sometimes…. Yes, sometimes we do go back to our offices, close the door gently and weep quietly at the thought of how much more quickly and efficiently we could have helped you ...

Vivian Manning - May 29, 2012

It’s Wi-Fi – Keep It Clean

Do you prefer to use a public toilet or a home-based one? When you have to, you can use the public one—but really, you try to touch as little of it as possible, right? Well, that's exactly how you should feel about your equipment when out and ...

Andrea Cannavina - May 23, 2012

Fog Bank: When the Cloud Is Down

Sometimes you just don’t have access to the Internet. Whether you're traveling in a plane, or in a remote (or sometimes not so remote) area that has no WiFi, 3G or 4G coverage, or simply because your cable or T1 line is down due to weather or ...

Catherine Sanders Reach - May 22, 2012

iPads for Lawyers: Shortcuts for Power Users

Seems like you're always under the gun, doesn't it? Time pressure is the very nature of a lawyer's life. But now you've found that your new iPad makes your load lighter, let's make it quicker, too. Get beyond the basic 101-level of iPad use, and ...

Carol Gerber - May 10, 2012

Tips for Better Firm-Wide Scanning

No doubt you've heard about those lawyers who scan everything that crosses their desks, efficiently coding and filing each receipt or treatise like a lean, mean legal document management machine. It sounds wonderful, doesn't it? Truth is, you ...

Steve Irons - May 9, 2012
Hand holding clock

Project Management and Your Law Practice Management Software

In part one of this series on how to use project management software to manage people, Brett Owens started simple with some easy-to-use, off-the-shelf apps—Workflowy and Basecamp. In part two, Brett shows us how delegation and collaboration ...

Brett Owens - May 2, 2012
Nothing But the Ruth

Lawyers: CYA When Working from Mobile Devices

One of the benefits of being a lawyer with a laptop, tablet or smartphone is that you really can work anywhere with access to Wi-Fi and your files. But the question of security must be addressed. How can you protect yourself and your clients ...

Ruth Carter - May 1, 2012
Woman and Man with tech in background

When Less Is More: Text Expansion Software

Do a lot of keyboarding? (We're thinking yes.) Small City Law Firm Tech blogger Vivian Manning has an easy way to boost your speed and your accuracy, to boot. Text expansion software, she says, can free you from tons of repetitive typing—and can ...

Vivian Manning - April 30, 2012
Hand holding clock

Use Project Management Apps to Manage People

Sure there are plenty of project management apps to keep us on task, personally. But can project management software be used for managing others, too? In "Project Management: Easy as 1-2-3," Brett Owens highlighted products to help you manage ...

Brett Owens - April 25, 2012

Sensitive Email? Things to Know Before Hitting Send

Some lawyers are all a-Twitter about the cloud, but you’ve actually been sending client data into the cloud for years. Email is merely information transmitted via the cloud—and all lawyers routinely send confidential messages and attachments via ...

Jim Brashear - April 24, 2012