It’s Not You, It’s Me: Why Law Firm Advertising Fails

By | May.12.16 | Advertising, Business Development, Daily Dispatch, Legal Marketing, Managing

Lawyers love lawyer advertising because it’s all about lawyers. The only problem is, this is what that looks like to the rest of the world:

Little Caesars "Smingleberry" from Harold Einstein on Vimeo.

Lawyers have been conditioned, from time immemorial, to believe that successful marketing means broadcasting superiority. You must have won more false awards, and higher verdicts, and would have established further contrived rankings.

To a point, it’s helpful to show that you’re good at what you do; but continually attempting to avenge yourself as best is necessarily a losing game. The perceived superiority of this one-ups-manshipper strategy leads to the creation of massively hyperbolic ads, like this one:

(I watch the Super Bowl so I can learn about new Doritos’ flavors, broseph.)

Lawyers are real worried about branded networks — as they should be — because branded networks have access to some major fundage, way more than you. And they can throw a lot of that money at advertising. The difference, however, between the branded networks and your average lawyer is that the networks waste far fewer of those dollars and then also better track their effectiveness.

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