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Generation Hexed: Debunking Employers’ Assumptions About Older Lawyers

Last week in part one of this post on "Generation Hexed," Jared Correia discussed why older lawyers are finding it harder to stay employed, and proposed specific actions the organized bar and legal employers should consider. In part two, he ...

Jared Correia - July 9, 2013

Five Ways to Find a Mentor

"What you need is a mentor!" Everyone keeps telling you to find a mentor. But if you knew how to get one, you would probably already have one, right? When you look at the people around you, it may be that you already have a mentor—you just ...

Wendy Werner - July 27, 2012

Client-Driven Recruitment

Lawyers are good at many things, most of them associated with legal knowledge and analysis. We’re less good at many other things, most of them having to do with business and management. One of the things we’re least good at, I believe, is ...

Jordan Furlong - November 16, 2011
Woman and Man with tech in background Desktop Search Tools

LinkedIn Jobs: If You Post It, They Will Come

I just hired a great new employee using LinkedIn Jobs. It turned out to be an incredibly easy and effective way to identify good candidates and fill the position with a minimum of effort. Deciding between candidates was the only tough part of ...

Vivian Manning - August 29, 2011

Five Reasons to Consider a Virtual Assistant

Law offices tend to be set up quite traditionally. Plenty of lawyers are still users of fax machines and their offices usually contain ancient beasts known as stenographs. It is no surprise that lawyers tend to hire traditionally as well. But ...

Erin Blaskie - July 7, 2011

Why It Pays to Treat Job Candidates Well

The stories are legion. Lawyers apply for posted positions, sweating every detail of their resume and cover letter, and never hear back from the firm. Even worse, candidates make it through the screening process, interview with firm lawyers, ...

Wendy Werner - June 15, 2011

Write a Better Job Description

When you make a bad hiring decision, it is usually because you don't really know what you are looking for. So, what can you do to make sure the interview accurately reflects the nature of job and reveals the candidate’s suitability?

Wendy Werner - May 25, 2011

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