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blockchain and lawyers

Blockchain 101: What Attorneys Need to Know Now

Blockchain is one of the hottest business buzzwords of the past year. Many associate it with cryptocurrencies, thanks to the explosion of bitcoin and its counterparts. However, blockchain has far broader implications that affect businesses ...

Arup Das - May 21, 2018
research approaches

Three Research Approaches to Help You Make Better Decisions for Your Law Firm

To make the best decisions for the future of your law firm — whether setting marketing priorities, undergoing a new strategic initiative or developing a new mission statement — it’s essential to obtain the right insights and perspectives. That’s ...

Candis Roussel - January 11, 2018

Representing Rural Clients from a Big-City Office: Think Beyond Technology

In rural areas across the U.S., people are experiencing a unique legal problem: Lawyers are hard to find. Aging rural lawyers are retiring, and no one is around to replace them. This means criminal defendants are more likely to take pleas ...

Nika Kabiri - September 26, 2017
day 1

The ‘Day 1’ Law Firm: Adopt This Jeff Bezos Mantra to Grow Your Practice

Jeff Bezos has many powerful mantras for his business, but this is one of my favorites: It's always "Day 1" at Amazon. What he means is that Amazon will never stop being a startup. It’s a message that he drilled down on in a recent letter to ...

Jay Harrington - August 15, 2017
Lawyer with magnifying glass understanding clients needs

Aligning Your Tactics With Your Client’s Objectives

To use a comparison from my days as a high school teacher, tactics are to objectives as strategies are to goals. You and your client are in different businesses (unless you do legal malpractice work) and have different business goals. But ...

Jeremy W. Richter - July 31, 2017
upset client

Understanding the Client’s Decision

I’ve always liked the saying “If the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail.” I think lawyers often make this mistake when approaching business development opportunities. Facing with pitches or presentations to ...

Sally J. Schmidt - July 19, 2017

Under Pressure: Five Insights on the Evolving In-House Counsel Role

It’s difficult to attend any legal conference these days without hearing about technology and change, but it’s refreshing to discuss these topics with people who actually do the work. Recently, I moderated a panel for an ARK conference, "The New ...

Mary Juetten - June 16, 2017
law firm radar

10 Things That Should Be on Your Law Firm’s Radar in 2017

The legal profession, marketing technology, and clients’ buying habits are changing dramatically. Lawyers need to think differently about marketing, lead generation, big data, project delivery and leadership. Here are 10 things that should be on ...

Mark Beese - January 3, 2017
Be It Resolved

Make the New Year YOUR Year!

How will you make 2017 the best year yet? All week, Attorney at Work advisors and contributors have been sharing recommendations to help you out. Today, it's global strategy and marketing expert Gerry Riskin, practice advisor Jim Calloway, ...

The Editors - December 30, 2016
Nothing But the Ruth

What’s Your Word for 2017?

A few weeks ago, a member of my business mastermind group posed a simple but profound question: What word encapsulates your hopes, goals and feelings for 2017? It’s a challenging question. As an entrepreneur, December is a time to wind down ...

Ruth Carter - December 14, 2016

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