Practice Management Tips: Easy as 1-2-3

By | Jul.16.15 | Law Practice Management, Productivity

Okay, we’re a bit obsessed with numbers at Attorney at Work. (You have seen “The Friday 5,” right?) As of July 1, we figure our expert contributors have written more than 1,150 original posts since our 2011 launch. That’s “one really good idea every day” for 1,150 days. 

AAW Super Ad 123We’ve run the numbers on this past year, too, and guess what? Some ideas are more than good — the numbers say you think they’re really good. So during our summer break, July 20 to July 30, we’ll be highlighting nine of Attorney at Work’s most-read, most-shared practice management how-to articles from the past 12 months. We’re calling the series “Easy as 1-2-3” because we love a (numbered) list. And, apparently, so do you.

Here’s a sampling from our list of top posts, for your reading pleasure.

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