Really Good Marketing Ideas!

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Tell the truth. You’re always on the lookout for a few really good marketing ideas. We all are. Even the world’s busiest lawyers are interested in the possibility of new (better!) clients. Because it is just so hard to go out looking for clients. All. The. Time. Right? Well, that’s what our new and free bonus download is all about: How to (Really) Get More Clients This Year.

What’s Inside?

Really Good Marketing Ideas “Really Good Marketing Ideas” packs 50-plus pages of articles, written by Attorney at Work’s most knowledgeable contributors, into three sections: “Getting the Work,” “Your Social Media Game Plan” and “Balancing Legal Marketing Ethics.” There’s more than you can read in one sitting, that’s for sure. (You’ll want to pace yourself.) Here’s just a sampling:

  • Be in the now. Right up front, Legal Marketing Association Hall of Famer Merrilyn Astin Tarlton yanks you out of that complacent reverie, clearing away any old-fashioned assumptions you may still have about marketing legal services. This is going to make getting clients a whole lot easier.
  • Get real. Gyi Tsakalakis has surveyed the changes to the online networking and social media scene this past year and has just one piece of advice for you. Let him show you why (and how) authenticity is the key to leveraging your online efforts.
  • Can you do that? Yes, you can, after you’ve read Will Hornsby’s update on where we stand, legal marketing ethics-wise, at the start of 2013—including where the rules have changed regarding your marketing activities.
More, So Much More

You’ll get great ideas for your marketing plans, with tips for online networking, websites, sales tools, video, marketing for small budgets and more.

So go ahead and get clicking to download Really Good Marketing Ideas: How to Really Get More Clients This Year. Take notes. Share it with your partners and colleagues.  (There’s enough to go around here. And they’ll owe you one!) Calendar some follow-up, but get going on getting those clients you want.

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6 Responses to “Really Good Marketing Ideas!”

  1. Paul Burton
    18 January 2013 at 10:41 am #

    As a professional service provider to professional service providers – I do time management seminars for lawyers – the most important marketing I do is demonstrating my expertise to my audience. Stated differently, lawyers are hired by clients because lawyers are experts in the law. The more expertise you can demonstrate to your “audience,” the more clients you will get.

    Creating and delivering content on your area of expertise within the law is the simplest and most effective way to market a practice. Write articles, do presentations, give interviews that showcase your background and knowledge of your subject.

    But here’s the real trick: deliver that expertise to your target audience, which is very rarely other lawyers! Get out into the world of clients. Deliver this content to industry newsletters, at their trade association conferences, during their local chapter monthly lunches.

    The more you focus your content development and delivery on your specific target audience, the faster your client base will grow.