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5 Ways Automated SMS Marketing Can Help Law Firms Boost Client Acquisition and Retention

By Phil Portman

Automated SMS marketing, also known as text marketing, is a powerful tool in the quest to find and keep new clients. SMS — short for short message service — offers a direct and personalized communication channel that can increase client engagement and loyalty.

automated SMS marketing for law firms

With mobile phones’ ubiquity, SMS messages have a high open rate and are more likely to be read promptly than emails or other forms of communication. This immediacy makes SMS marketing an effective way for law firms to reach their audience quickly and efficiently. For example, law firms can send personalized messages to clients, keeping them informed about their cases and appointments, following up on document requests and payments, and informing them of important updates. Texts help create a more personalized experience, enhancing client satisfaction and engagement.

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What is Automated SMS Marketing?

Automated SMS marketing uses cloud-based software to automatically send text messages to clients and prospective clients who have opted in to receive your texts. Depending on the tools you are using, you can send personalized messages to your list based on specific triggers or schedules, create drip campaigns, schedule messages in advance, and use AI to craft targeted messages.

While some email marketing tools allow you to send SMS messages they have limited functionality and tend to be costly. Specialized SMS marketing tools help your law firm engage with clients, send targeted reminders, invitations and notifications, provide support, and much more. (Full disclosure: My company, Textdrip, provides automated text messaging.)

5 Ways Law Firms Can Use SMS Marketing

Now let’s discuss five ways law firms can use automated SMS marketing to improve client satisfaction, increase repeat business and generate referrals.

1. Personalized Communication

Personalized SMS messages are highly effective in engaging clients. By addressing clients by name and crafting messages that resonate with their specific needs and interests, law firms can create a deeper and more meaningful connection with clients. This personal touch can lead to increased client satisfaction and loyalty.

Examples of Personalized Messages:

Consultation Reminders: “Hi [Client’s Name], this is [Law Firm]. Just a reminder of your consultation tomorrow at [Time]. Please let us know if you need to reschedule.”

Case Updates: “Dear [Client’s Name], we have an update regarding your case. Please call us at [Phone Number] to discuss further.”

Appointment Confirmations: “Hello [Client Name], this is a confirmation of your appointment on [Date] at [Time]. Please reply ‘YES’ to confirm.”

Personalized messages like these make clients feel valued and increase their engagement with and loyalty to your law firm. Of course, you must be careful not to inadvertently disclose clients’ private information and take measures to protect attorney-client confidentiality.

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2. Appointment Reminders and Confirmations

Automated SMS reminders play a crucial role in reducing no-shows by reminding clients of their appointments in advance. This not only helps clients remember their commitments but also shows them that you value their time and appointment. As a result, clients are more likely to show up for their appointments, leading to more efficient scheduling and increased client satisfaction.

Example: “Hi [Client’s Name], We look forward to seeing you tomorrow for your appointment with [Lawyer’s Name]. If you have any questions or need to reschedule, please let us know.” 

Additionally, automated SMS reminders offer clients convenience. They receive timely reminders directly on their mobile phones without having to search through emails or documents for appointment details.

For law firms, this automation streamlines the appointment management process, reducing the need for manual reminders and allowing staff to focus on other tasks. Overall, automated SMS reminders benefit both clients and law firms by improving appointment attendance rates and efficiency.

Example: “Hello [Client’s Name], this is a reminder of your upcoming appointment with [Lawyer’s Name] at [Law Firm] on [Date] at [Time]. Please reply ‘YES’ to confirm or call us at [Phone Number] if you need to reschedule. Thank you!”

Keeping clients informed about legal changes and news relevant to their cases is crucial for several reasons. It helps clients understand their legal rights and responsibilities, prepares them for potential legal issues, and builds trust with your firm. Clients who feel informed are more likely to be satisfied with the legal services they receive.

With automated SMS, you can deliver timely updates to clients, ensuring they are always up-to-date with the latest legal information. For example, a law firm could send a message like:

“Hello [Client’s Name], We’d like to inform you about recent changes in the law that affect family-owned businesses like yours. Please contact us at [Phone Number] to discuss the implications for [Client Company’s] tax strategy.”

By delivering updates directly to clients’ phones, law firms can ensure that important information reaches them promptly.

4. Feedback and Reviews

Client feedback and online reviews provide valuable insights into the client’s experience. Constructive feedback can help the firm improve its services and client satisfaction levels while positive reviews enhance your reputation and help you attract new clients. The more good reviews you have, the more likely you are to show up at the top of online searches.

Automated SMS can be an effective tool for soliciting feedback from clients. For example:

“Hi [Client Name], We hope your experience with our firm was positive. Please take a moment to rate our service and provide any feedback you may have. Your input helps us improve our services for future clients.”

In addition to soliciting feedback, automated SMS can also be used to encourage clients to leave online reviews. For example, a law firm could send a message like:

“Hi [Client Name], Please consider leaving us a review on Google or Yelp. Your review helps others find us and allows us to continue improving our services.”

5. Follow-up and Nurturing Campaigns

Nurturing campaigns are designed to keep you top of mind with clients and build long-term relationships. These campaigns involve ongoing communication with clients to provide value, offer additional services, and maintain engagement even after the initial transaction or interaction.

Examples of automated SMS messages include:

  • Follow-up: “Hi [Client Name], We hope you’re doing well. Just checking in to see if you have any questions or need further assistance with your legal matter. Feel free to reach out if you do.”
  • Cross-selling: “Hello [Client Name], Did you know we also offer estate planning services? If you’re interested in learning more, reply YES and we’ll provide more information.”
  • Upselling services: “Hi [Client Name], Based on your recent matter, we believe a subscription to our small business legal consultation package could benefit you. This package includes [details]. Would you like to learn more about it?”

Note: Always use language that fits your brand and communication style and make sure you comply with your state’s ethics rules.

From appointment reminders to case updates, automated SMS campaigns can streamline communication, build trust and, ultimately, foster long-lasting client relationships.

In addition to these tips, look for ways automated text messaging can improve your law office’s systems and workflow. For example, consider adding texting to your client intake process and integrating automatic texting with your practice management and billing software. By leveraging SMS’s immediacy and directness, you can engage with new clients in a personalized and efficient manner, helping your firm maintain a strong presence in clients’ minds.

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Phil Portman

Phil Portman is the Founder and CEO of Textdrip. Textdrip is a 10 DLC-COMPLIANT business texting tool with features that help improve an organization’s messaging ecosystem, increase SMS deliverability, reduce spam and enhance security. Phil has created several startups, including,, and

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