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Nothing But the Ruth!

Blogging for Search Results Domination in Your Niche

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If you’re wondering whether blogging helps with your search engine results, it does. Here’s what happened when I started blogging about a new law. Six Blog Posts to Page One A new law regarding internet and digital …Continue reading »

Your Money

Retirement: How Much Should You Actually Be Saving?

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How much should you actually save for retirement? Everyone from your brother-in-law to your favorite (or least favorite) financial pundit has a view. But, are those opinions even remotely accurate? As opposed to pontificating about retirement …Continue reading »

Ask the Experts at 2Civility.org

Does Email Tracking Violate the Rules of Professional Conduct?

By | Apr.17.18 | No Comments

QUESTION: I have finally embraced email as my primary communication tool with clients as well as most of my opposing counsel and even the court. As I tend to serve the new generation of clients …Continue reading »


Eight Questions a Legal Marketer Needs to Ask about SEO Strategy

By | Apr.16.18 | No Comments

Search engine optimization, or SEO, can be a swirl of should-do, could-do, would-do-if-there-was-time … suddenly it’s an alphabet soup and not much has changed for your website. But an SEO workshop earlier this year at LMA …Continue reading »

Writing Your Book

Self-Publishing Takes More Than One Self

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Self-publishing isn’t “self” publishing. Sure, it’s true that with the advent of digital technology, publishing a book is now easier and quicker than ever, and not nearly as intimidating. But it takes a team of professionals …Continue reading »

On Balance

VPN: A Simple Step Toward Cybersecurity

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Many lawyers are intimidated by technology issues, including how to keep their data safe. Yet in a world where large cities can be held up by ransomware attacks and hackers can shut down multinational law …Continue reading »

Product Spotlight

Three Digital Communications Technologies That Can Make Your Life Easier

By | Apr.11.18 | No Comments

At first glance, communications may seem like a bygone problem for lawyers today. Haven’t smartphones made it easier to stay in constant contact with your clients? It’s true that smartphones offer you more mobility and instant, …Continue reading »

Get to the Point

Making and Using Too Many Words

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Do you make a decision before using litigation? Or do you just decide to litigate? “Make” and “use” are prime targets for revision as you edit your professional writing. These are transitive verbs. You’re going to …Continue reading »

Presenting with Self-Awareness

Your Emotions Rule How Effectively You Communicate

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Did you know that how you feel affects how you communicate with clients, colleagues and everyone else? An example most people are familiar with is email: Have you ever sent an email when you were angry …Continue reading »

Analog Attorney

Handwritten Notes Help Build Real Relationships

By | Apr.09.18 | No Comments

I got a handwritten note in the mail the other day from a colleague. We live in the same neighborhood in Chicago, text about 30 times a week, and see each other at least once …Continue reading »