Daily Dispatch

Struggle for Work-Life Balance, Part 4

Systems and Procedures: Making Your Practice Work Well — Consistently

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In “Why Lawyers Really Struggle with Work-Life Balance,” I gave six steps to building a practice that runs smoothly and allows you to have a life. We’ve covered the first two steps, improving management skills and technology …Continue reading »

The Friday Five

Five Things Law Firms Need to Know About Voice Search

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According to the projections in a VoiceLabs report, about 33 million voice-first devices were in circulation at the start of the year. By voice-first, we mean devices like the Amazon Echo and Google Home that …Continue reading »

Tech Tips

Writing With Mind Maps

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When I start to write a document, the ideas in it never get to the page in publishable order. (I know I’m not alone in this.) Pieces of the “story” float about. Many writers feel a …Continue reading »

On Balance

An Honest Audit Leads to a Brighter Future

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There are myriad reasons to run an efficient, sound, organized law practice. Here are two great ones, from an ethics standpoint: First, it helps lawyers avoid making the costly errors that lead to ethics trouble. …Continue reading »

Get to the Point!

Why Lawyers Are Redundant: History Is Destiny

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History — and I’m going way, way back — informs why lawyers write in redundancies. Blame It on the French When William the Conqueror imposed Norman law on England in the 11th century, the Anglo-Saxon population was …Continue reading »

Hiring Trends

Law Firms Likely to Change Policies in Light of Salary Disclosure Laws

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We appear to have reached the tipping point with regard to whether employers can ask job seekers about their current compensation. In addition to the various jurisdictions that have passed legislation prohibiting such inquiries (California, …Continue reading »

The Friday Five

Five Ways to Avoid Common Billing and Fee Disputes

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Keeping clients happy is not just about providing quality service and results, but also ensuring your fees are fair and your billing is professional and transparent. Avoid Surprises, Avoid Disputes Most clients’ biggest fear is how much …Continue reading »

Performing Like an Athlete

Watch the Seams: Speaking Lessons from Tennis Stars

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Do you get nervous before speaking in front of people? Before a court or tribunal, or making a presentation to clients or colleagues? Even worse: Do you have trouble letting go of your performance after it’s …Continue reading »

Security Awareness Training

Malware Threats: Don’t Be an Easy Target

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Few things are worse than having your confidential documents and data stolen and held for ransom. Ransomware is a common threat in today’s “arms race” between hackers and the IT security community. And it has …Continue reading »


Scrub Your Document With Microsoft Word Document Inspector

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You spent a lot of time getting that pleading or contract together, and now you’re ready to send it out. The last thing you want to do is inadvertently expose your prior edits or others’ …Continue reading »