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The Friday Five

Five Best Practices for Law Firm Content Marketing

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Blockbuster became dominant in the video rental business by offering convenience and selection — more stores and more titles than its competitors. Then Netflix came along offering even more convenience — more selection delivered right …Continue reading »

Nothing But the Ruth! Interview

Killing Marketing for Lawyers

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I met Robert Rose at Content Marketing World in 2015. He’s the founder and Chief Strategy Officer of The Content Advisory — the consulting and advisory group of The Content Marketing Institute — and a …Continue reading »


Secrets of Online Legal Marketing: The Basics

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If your law firm has ever tinkered with online marketing, whether it’s advertising, search optimization, social media or email marketing, you may have decided: “This can’t work for my practice.” Sometimes that’s the right call. …Continue reading »

Content Under Pressure

Turning “What I Did on My Summer Vacation” Into Usable Content

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As a writer of both fiction and nonfiction, I subscribe to a special email list and follow several social media accounts that provide writing prompts. When they connect with our latent creative juices, writing prompts …Continue reading »

Content Under PRessure

Create Breakout Bespoke Content That Builds Brands

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The mother lode of content creation is unique content that can be branded as solely belonging to the lawyer or firm. This can be produced and updated quarterly, annually or as news and events require. …Continue reading »

Content Under Pressure

Building Endurance Into Your Content Strategy

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Producing content that serves readers and the business objectives of the publisher — in this case, your law practice — is the No. 1 goal of a content strategy. Building an effective body of content …Continue reading »

Content Under Pressure

Awards Season: Building a Body of Work for “Best of” Lists

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When awards season and Chambers nominations roll around, some firms find themselves scrambling to cobble together nomination applications. It’s understandable. I’ve been on both sides: crafting nominations, judging entries and writing copy about the winners. Initially, …Continue reading »

Content Under Pressure

What to Write: A Year of Publishing Strategically

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Welcome back to our “Year of Publishing Strategically” (nod to “A Year of Living Dangerously,” Linda Hunt, 1984 Academy Award for best supporting actress). Having covered a variety of writing tips and tactics in this …Continue reading »

The Friday Five

Five Ways Lawyers Can Use Google Trends

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Let’s say you practice in a midsize personal injury law firm in a metro area and you’d like to get more car accident cases. You do a Google search for “car accident lawyer” and see …Continue reading »

Content Under Pressure

Content Strategy: What It Is and What It Isn’t

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One fact that’s always acknowledged in this column is that good content requires effort. It requires yours (which equals time and money) or someone else’s (which equals less time but more money). When speaking, I’ve …Continue reading »