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Nothing But the Ruth

The Best Public Speaking Advice

I have had the pleasure of being a public performer for 22 years as a gymnast, a classically trained singer, a flash mob performer and, more recently, a speaker on legal topics. Despite all of my experience, I still get nervous. Before most ...

Ruth Carter - May 15, 2012

Should Lawyers Care About Klout Scores?

Attorney at Work has been after me for a post about Klout. Try as I might, the drafts are snarky. I simply can't get past my mantra: Until Klout replaces my credit score, I pay it little attention. I say "little attention" because rarely a day ...

Gwynne Monahan - May 14, 2012

Get Past Your Rookie Moves in Social Media

Once you get comfortable with social media, you'll no doubt chuckle at your early days—including the etiquette quandaries and minor panic attacks. (Will they know if I unfriend them? What was I thinking with that profile picture? I didn't know ...

Joan Feldman - May 4, 2012

Your New Website ‘Do’ List: Cover the Basics

Stop right there! Before you take step one to create your law firm's new website, pause to figure out what it is you really want your website to do—and who you want it to attract. Define your intended visitors as narrowly as possible. Do you ...

Andrea Cannavina - April 18, 2012

Stop Wasting Your Time on Networking

Networking. You know you have to do it, but does the thought of engaging in endless awkward conversations at cocktail parties leave you cold? Does another round of seemingly irrelevant meetings of trade or civic or association groups make you ...

Roberta Montafia - April 12, 2012
man sitting in chair managing a law practice jared correia

Google Search Plus Your World, Part Two: Opportunity!

In part one of this two-part post, Jared Correia reviewed Google’s revised search protocol, represented as "Search Plus Your World"—how and why it works, and how to opt out if you prefer to keep your social media and search functions well ...

Jared Correia - April 3, 2012

Effective Email Marketing for Lawyers, Part One: The Basics

How many emails do you usually delete having read no more than the "from" line? Has your fear of adding to that in-box clutter—and recipiant irritation—kept you from including email in your marketing plans? Well, the truth is that there are ...

Ritchenya Dodd - March 29, 2012
Nothing But the Ruth

Social Media and Marketing Advice for New Law Practices

Like most attorneys starting a new firm, I want to know the best way to build my reputation—and my client base—so I asked for some advice from Erika Napoletano and Ari Kaplan. Napoletano is Redhead Writing and author of the book, "The Power of ...

Ruth Carter - March 27, 2012
getting clients title showing three people

Your Firm’s New Facebook Timeline in a Snap

March 30th approaches! For the uninitiated—or those who've ignored the alerts Facebook has been sending—that's the day all Facebook business pages will switch to the new Timeline format. And, like it or not, if your law practice has a Facebook ...

Merrilyn Astin Tarlton - March 22, 2012
man sitting in chair managing a law practice jared correia

We Are the World: Google’s Search Plus Your World

The folks in the Mountain View studios of Google have been very busy of late, working out a number of new endeavors, including the launch of Google+, and the application of overarching revisions to the company’s privacy policy. The most ...

Jared Correia - March 20, 2012