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News and Trends

Enterprising Lawyer

Ralph Pais, Enterprising Lawyer

Who are these “enterprising lawyers”? Actually, they are easy to spot. Look for the more engaged and happier lawyers in the crowd. Deeply invested in the power of the work they do for their clients, they have ample interests beyond the practice ...

The Editors - August 11, 2014
Friday Five Trending

Trending: Client Service

What’s the biggest predictor of a law firm’s success? Hint: It’s not the firm’s bottom line. The No. 1 thing impacting a firm’s long-term viability is client satisfaction. Several articles over the past month highlighted the need for firms to ...

Kandy Hopkins - July 25, 2014
Friday Five Trending

Trending: Content-Driven Website Traffic

The Internet was alive this past month with lots of law firm website-related news. Among the most noticeable trends: the decline of home page traffic, the need for constantly new content and the importance of personalizing your social media ...

Kandy Hopkins - June 27, 2014
Nothing But the Ruth

Lawyers at Standing Desks: Benefits and Drawbacks

Recently, I was blown away by how awesome a fellow lawyer’s office is. It’s not very big, but it has a standing desk by a window that overlooks downtown Phoenix, opening up the rest of the space for an oversize leather couch and armchair. I ...

Ruth Carter - June 11, 2014
Friday Five Trending

Trending: What Doth the Future Hold?

Once a month, we dedicate the Friday Five to what’s buzzing in the business of practicing law. This month, it’s all about what the future may hold — from new privacy concerns to futuristic law office layouts to the prospect of more start-ups by ...

Kandy Hopkins - May 30, 2014

Want to Avoid Irrelevance? Put Data to Work

At LexThink 2014, Gwynne Monahan started her six-minute speech on the given theme, "The End of Irrelevance," with a creative analogy: Strawberry Pop-Tarts. Here's her take on how data can transform the way you look at, well, just about anything.

Gwynne Monahan - May 26, 2014

Five Reasons You Should Care About “NewLaw”

You've heard the buzzword. You've seen the hashtag. And perhaps you've found yourself asking, at some point, "Just what is 'NewLaw'? More importantly, why should I be remotely interested in it?" Having recently set out to Jordan Furlong - May 16, 2014

Wearable Technology: Who’s Ready?

Anyone who's seen movies like "The Terminator," "Minority Report," "Ironman" and beyond has seen the marriage of technology and fashion. There’s a giant laundry list of wearable gadgets that grace the silver screen. Only now, wearable technology ...

Chelsey Lambert - May 12, 2014

Legal Analytics: The Future of Intelligent Design

Solo and small firm lawyers are very much like "baseball men" prior to the Moneyball conversion. Once certain teams started making decisions based on hard numbers, rather than suppositions and unrefined projections, the new-school teams were ...

Jared Correia - May 6, 2014
New Math New Money

The Money-Making Proposition

It’s simple math, actually. You can fiddle around with yearly billables expectations, “pieces of the pie” and annual hourly rate adjustments — and even stop stocking free coffee in the break room. But your ability to build a legal business that ...

Merrilyn Astin Tarlton - April 22, 2014