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Get to the Point

Get to the Point

Happy National Grammar Day! Lawyers’ Top Three Grammar Goof-ups

It's a fitting way to celebrate National Grammar Day: Today we are announcing that lawyer and author Teddy Snyder is taking over Attorney at Work's monthly "Get to the Point" column. Teddy will be giving practical tips, picking at nits and — ...

Theda C. Snyder - March 4, 2014

WordRake: Clearing the Clutter from Legal Writing

It seems excellent lawyers do not always produce excellent legal writing. Whether due to a lack of time, of mental energy, of colleagues available to proofread, or of awareness of just how bloated a legal document can get, good lawyers sometimes ...

Carol Gerber - January 9, 2013
dictionary betrayal

“No Problem” and Other Mindless Speech Gimmicks

“No problem,” he said, as he emerged from the alligator-infested river. "No problem," he said, as he slaughtered half a tribe of natives. “No problem,” said the hangman, as he yanked the lever to hang the man—but not for slaughtering the tribe. ...

Bruce W. Marcus - November 26, 2012
Get to the Point

Sloppy Writing Sucks!

I’m tired of it. It’s off-putting. It hurts your professional image and undermines your marketing if you’re one of the perpetrators. I’m talking about bad grammar and spelling, the stuff that gets past spell-check. I see it in briefs. I see it ...

Theda C. Snyder - November 12, 2012

Cliches Don’t Cut the Mustard

Lawyers, it turns out, are not so special. They have just as much difficulty writing and speaking well in their native tongue as the next person. Poor grammar. Jargon. Weird syntax. The ever-popular use of 10 words when one will do. You have ...

Steven Taylor - November 6, 2012

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