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Writing an Ebook: What I Learned

Have you been thinking about writing a book? It can be a fantastic marketing tool that sets you apart from the pack—and you can leverage it to get media attention for your area of expertise. In the past, you had to pitch ideas to publishers, of ...

Ruth Carter - December 13, 2012
disrespectful clients

First, Think Local

I love it when law firms sponsor community events, little league teams, and when their associates and partners serve on the board of directors for charities. It’s wonderful when law firms are dedicated to supporting their local community. But I ...

Ruth Carter - November 8, 2012
disrespectful clients

Late Clients Baffle Me

Here’s something I don’t understand: clients who are late for meetings. They set up the meeting based on their availability, and even confirm it the day before—yet sometimes I find myself sitting in a conference room waiting for them after the ...

Ruth Carter - October 10, 2012
disrespectful clients

Five Ways to Receive Credit Card Payments

Every law firm has a trust account and an operating bank account and allows clients to pay with a check or cash. But in this day, many clients also want to know, “Do you accept credit cards?” There are many options to consider when deciding if ...

Ruth Carter - August 24, 2012
disrespectful clients

Overcome the Ennui of CLE (and Get What You Need)

As lawyers we’re required to do CLEs every year. (Groan.) My experience has taught me that Sean Carter was right when he said that CLEs are really CLAs—"Continuing Legal Attendance." You get credit just for showing up—no one really cares if you ...

Ruth Carter - August 6, 2012
disrespectful clients

How Do You Measure Success?

When I think about the stereotypical successful lawyer, I think of someone who wears designer suits and expensive jewelry, lives in a big house, drives a luxury car, has season tickets and always plays with the latest techno-toys. A lot of us ...

Ruth Carter - July 3, 2012
disrespectful clients

Introvert’s Survival Guide for Networking Events

I’ll admit it—networking is one of my least favorite parts of my job. I wish everyone just knew who I was, thought I was fabulous and that my phone was ringing off the hook with more business than I can handle. Unfortunately, that’s not the ...

Ruth Carter - June 20, 2012
disrespectful clients

The Best Public Speaking Advice

I have had the pleasure of being a public performer for 22 years as a gymnast, a classically trained singer, a flash mob performer and, more recently, a speaker on legal topics. Despite all of my experience, I still get nervous. Before most ...

Ruth Carter - May 15, 2012
disrespectful clients

Lawyers: CYA When Working from Mobile Devices

One of the benefits of being a lawyer with a laptop, tablet or smartphone is that you really can work anywhere with access to Wi-Fi and your files. But the question of security must be addressed. How can you protect yourself and your clients ...

Ruth Carter - May 1, 2012
disrespectful clients

Top Podcasting Tips for Lawyers

Having a podcast is a great way to differentiate yourself from other professionals, to display your expertise on a subject and to connect with other people. I’ve had the pleasure of being a guest on three podcasts. It’s a lot of fun to record a ...

Ruth Carter - December 13, 2011

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