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Know More and Know It Faster Than Opposing Counsel with Westlaw Edge

Power your firm with better and faster legal research.

By Thomson Reuters

At this point you have probably heard the buzz around the new Westlaw Edge. But, how much better can it really be and how much more prepared will it make you? Consider the words of Kenny Ramirez, an associate with Girardi|Keese, a Los Angeles-based litigation firm.

“Westlaw Edge has already changed how we practice law. It helps us cover more bases and more information, and certainly imparts greater confidence in the courtroom,” he says. “You know you’re able to cover more than your opposition.”

If you think free legal research is good enough — no matter what other lawyers say — you at least owe it to yourself to find out what you’re up against, especially if opposing counsel has access to Westlaw Edge. Or, if you embrace technology to improve efficiency and results you’ll want to experience how Westlaw Edge can help power your firm with better and faster legal research. Either way it is worth your time to experience a Westlaw Edge free trial.

To understand the full capability of Westlaw Edge and the value it can provide your firm (or opposing counsel), make sure you complete the following steps during your free trial.

Step 1

Start a search by typing “fraudulent transfer” into the Westlaw Edge global search bar. The new predictive search functionality of WestSearch Plus, powered by artificial intelligence, instantly populates questions and search suggestions that get you to your answer faster.

“The search function has improved tremendously and so has the ability to get answers quickly, which is especially useful for new lawyers,” says William Donovan, an attorney with Girardi|Keese. “As someone who does a lot of law and motion work, brief writing, and research for partners, Westlaw Edge speeds up my work. I can find information that would have otherwise taken me twice as long.”

Step 2

Get data-driven insights on a judge with Litigation Analytics. Type their name into the Litigation Analytics search box to review the trends of how they rule on cases, motions they grant, average time to trial and more. Think about how useful this information could be next time you appear in court. You can also run searches in Litigation Analytics to get insights on courts, attorneys, law firms and case types.

“Litigation Analytics is incredibly helpful when I walk into a courtroom with a judge my colleagues and I aren’t familiar with. To know what types of cases they’ve seen and what kind of rulings they’ve made is a tremendous asset,” notes Donovan.

Step 3

Quickly identify questionable law with KeyCite Overruling Risk. For instance, type citation 187 F.R.D. 83 in the global search box. Look at the top of the document and you’ll see an orange icon — that’s your warning that this law relies on an overruled or invalid prior decision. Standard citators, however, would have missed this. Only KeyCite Overruling Risk identifies laws that have been implicitly undermined. This could come in handy when you’re reviewing your opposition’s briefs, and it could help you save face in the courtroom if you catch unreliable precedent before you appear before a judge. This new citator is only available in Westlaw Edge.

Step 4

Compare statutes. We all know how tedious this is, but with Westlaw Edge it can be done in a single click with Statutes Compare. Type 26 U.S.C.A. § 812 into the global search bar and click the Compare Statutes button. Notice how easy it is to identify changes in the law – the differences are already highlighted and underlined.

Or, do you have a statute you need to compare? Search that, too.

“Statutes Compare saves so much time and headaches,” says Alexandra Steele, a Girardi|Keese attorney. “When you’re looking at statutes side by side, the differences pop out without having to underline or highlight. To have that already drawn out for you is amazing.”

Find out how you can know more and know it faster than opposing counsel with a Westlaw Edge free trial.

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Categories: Industry News, Legal Research, Legal Technology, Product Spotlight
Originally published September 21, 2018
Last updated April 13, 2019
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