Law Firm Profits

Take the Guesswork Out of Flat Fees

Hourly billing actually did not become of age in the legal profession until the 1950s, after a series of reports showed that firms that charged by the hour were more profitable than those that charged on the basis of the service sold. Those ...

Peggy Gruenke - April 3, 2015
Cost Recovery

How Can Our Law Firm Recoup More of Its Costs? Ask the ALA Experts

Question: I know we're not recouping many of our law firm's costs from clients. How do you effectively manage a cost recovery program? Four members of the Association of Legal Administrators — Grace Carr Lee, Vicki Hughes, ...

The Editors - August 19, 2013

Are We Making Money?

Is this client profitable? How do you really know? Profitability has for too long been measured based solely on metrics like hours worked, revenue and realization. Although those metrics are components of an overall client profitability picture, ...

Russ Haskin - March 6, 2013

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