Law Firm Management

First Client Meeting: Is Yours a Welcoming Law Office?

By | Mar.25.14 | No Comments

Does your practice project a welcoming image — or are you sending a different message to prospective clients? In his "Welcome Mat" series, Oklahoma attorney Noble McIntyre offers[...]

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Law Office Space: How Much Is Enough?

By | Mar.12.14 | 1 Comment

Question: Do law firms really need 100,000-plus square feet of office space anymore? Will coffee shops, home offices and airports be the law offices of the future, especially as th[...]

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New Math, New Money

Three Ways to Compete in the Coming Legal Market

By | Mar.03.14 | 1 Comment

Jordan Furlong's book Evolutionary Road describes a hair-raising future for the practice of law. While the basics remain the same — solving problems and resolving conflict for [...]

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Ask the Experts

How Can We Keep Our Law Firm’s Systems Safe in a BYOD World?

By | Feb.27.14 | 2 Comments

Question: We're all using personal tablets, smartphones and laptops for work, but there's worry about the threat it poses to our law firm's IT systems and infrastructure. What can[...]

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The Friday Five

Five Trends Shaping Law Firm Websites

By | Feb.21.14 | 3 Comments

Fortunately, the discussion of websites in the legal industry has mostly changed from, “Do you have a website for your firm?” to “Have you leveraged the latest technology and[...]

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Play to Win

Get Feedback from Your Clients

By | Feb.20.14 | 2 Comments

In the legal industry, there is much discussion but scant implementation on the issue of client feedback. Research shows that few firms make the attempt to gather client feedback i[...]

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