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Analog Attorney

Handwritten Notes Help Build Real Relationships

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I got a handwritten note in the mail the other day from a colleague. We live in the same neighborhood in Chicago, text about 30 times a week, and see each other at least once …Continue reading »

The Friday Five

Five Steps to Make It Rain: If I Can Do It, You Can Do It

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Let me tell you a story about a brainy brief writer. She was smart, hardworking and loved practicing law. But she had few clients of her own. This made her beholden to others at her …Continue reading »


Do Lawyers Have an Ethical Responsibility to Use AI?

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Lawyers are well aware of their ethical responsibilities. Those responsibilities permeate relationships with clients and extend to every aspect of lawyers’ professional lives — including the technology they use. It’s been six years since the American …Continue reading »

The Essential Associate

A Young Lawyer’s Path to Prosperity: Build a Powerful Personal Brand

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To borrow a phrase from Charles Dickens, for young lawyers in today’s legal market, it’s both the best of times and the worst of times. Worst of times because there’s no place to hide. Clients …Continue reading »

Part Two

Lawyers’ Struggle for Work-Life Balance: Managing Your Business

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In “Why Lawyers Really Struggle with Work-Life Balance,” I listed six steps to building a practice that runs smoothly and allows you to have a life: 1) acquire better management skills; 2) implement better technology; …Continue reading »

Content Under Pressure

Awards Season: Building a Body of Work for “Best of” Lists

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When awards season and Chambers nominations roll around, some firms find themselves scrambling to cobble together nomination applications. It’s understandable. I’ve been on both sides: crafting nominations, judging entries and writing copy about the winners. Initially, …Continue reading »

Friday Tech Tips Product Review

Ant Text Makes Your Email Work Smarter

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Most states have rules of professional conduct for lawyers to inform clients of the status of their cases and to promptly reply to their reasonable requests for information. An efficient and timely way to comply …Continue reading »


Three Marketing Best Practices for Lawyers Who Hate Marketing

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When it comes to their skill in the courtroom, or their mastery when engaging clients, lawyers are mostly a confident bunch. When the conversation switches to marketing, however, that happy feeling is often replaced with anxiety, …Continue reading »

Keeping Clients Happy

Client Communications Checklist for Law Firms

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Every day offers opportunities to build trust with a client or prospect, thereby setting your firm apart from the competition. Here are eight easy ways to do just that in your communications. Eight Ways to Enrich …Continue reading »

Well Said!

More Rainmaking Advice for New Associates: Earning Partner Preference

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My last post, “Advice to New Associates on Becoming a Rainmaker,” prompted a number of responses along the lines of, “Step one was helpful, but you don’t really think you can get away without giving us …Continue reading »