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Content Under PRessure

Create Breakout Bespoke Content That Builds Brands

By | Jun.04.18 | No Comments

The mother lode of content creation is unique content that can be branded as solely belonging to the lawyer or firm. This can be produced and updated quarterly, annually or as news and events require. …Continue reading »

The Friday Five

Five Steps to Increase Esprit de Corps in Your Law Firm

By | Jun.01.18 | No Comments

In French, esprit de corps means “spirit of the group.” It refers to the camaraderie that inspires each individual to work toward the group’s shared success. Esprit de corps is the heart of a healthy …Continue reading »

Business Development

Is Emotional Intelligence the Key to Better Cross-Selling in Law Firms?

By | May.31.18 | No Comments

In the legal industry, knowledge is power. In its traditional sense, that phrase may conjure notions of a zero-sum game: I win, you lose. In recent years, however, the business world has begun recognizing a …Continue reading »

Get to the Point!

How Euphemisms Improve Your Lawyering

By | May.30.18 | No Comments

Euphemisms are words or phrases used in place of other words that might offend the recipient of the message. The prefix eu- means “good.” Euphemisms substitute good language for what some might consider bad. Sometimes …Continue reading »

Business Development

Want to Generate More Leads as a Lawyer? Write a Book

By | May.29.18 | No Comments

If you are an established lawyer looking to grow your practice, or a young lawyer hoping to build a book of business for the long term, you should give serious consideration to writing a book. …Continue reading »

Shut Up and Start Talking

The Secret Science of Mingling

By | May.28.18 | No Comments

Networking sucks. Everybody hates it. Trust me, the loudest, most gregarious person you know has a hard time walking into a room full of strangers and starting a conversation. I know this because I am …Continue reading »

Friday Tech Tips

Tech Tips: Collaborating Well With Others

By | May.25.18 | No Comments

With so many different collaboration tools available, keeping up with new features and learning the rules of engagement can be frustrating. Not to mention you can easily find yourself using different systems for different groups or …Continue reading »

Personal Finances

Saving for Retirement While Running Your Law Practice

By | May.24.18 | No Comments

You started your practice to have more control, freedom to choose certain clients (and fire others) and potentially, make more money. Hopefully, all or at least most of these are occurring, but I imagine it’s …Continue reading »

Play to Win

Follow Up to Increase Your Chances of Getting Business

By | May.23.18 | No Comments

You undoubtedly have heard how important follow-up is to marketing and business development. Clients and referral sources are most likely to refer business to people they have heard from or seen in the prior three …Continue reading »

Law Firm Marketing

Five Onsite Tactics to Optimize Your Law Firm Website Now

By | May.22.18 | No Comments

There are countless offsite search engine optimization tactics you can use to promote your website. But what about onsite tactics? Have you thought through your strategy for earning more relevant web traffic, identifying the tactics that are …Continue reading »