Tech Tips

Tech Tips

Writing With Mind Maps

By | Jun.14.18 | No Comments

When I start to write a document, the ideas in it never get to the page in publishable order. (I know I’m not alone in this.) Pieces of the “story” float about. Many writers feel a …Continue reading »


Scrub Your Document With Microsoft Word Document Inspector

By | Jun.05.18 | No Comments

You spent a lot of time getting that pleading or contract together, and now you’re ready to send it out. The last thing you want to do is inadvertently expose your prior edits or others’ …Continue reading »

Friday Tech Tips

Tech Tips: Collaborating Well With Others

By | May.25.18 | No Comments

With so many different collaboration tools available, keeping up with new features and learning the rules of engagement can be frustrating. Not to mention you can easily find yourself using different systems for different groups or …Continue reading »

Friday Tech Tips

Tech Tips to Improve Your Client Communications Strategy

By | May.04.18 | No Comments

Margaret Atwood, the author of “The Handmaid’s Tale,” has frequently noted that with all technology, there is a good side, a bad side and a stupid side that you weren’t expecting. With major advances in …Continue reading »

Friday Tech Tips

Five Tech Tips for Writers

By | Apr.27.18 | No Comments

ABA TECHSHOW is great for keeping up with hot topics like artificial intelligence, the blockchain and cybersecurity. But if you hang in for the closing “60 in 60” session, you are rewarded with a bounty of tech tips, …Continue reading »


Permanently Modifying Word’s Heading Styles

By | Apr.24.18 | 2 Comments

Microsoft’s idea of attractive headings doesn’t suit most legal documents. But you can permanently change your default heading styles so you can start every new document with headings in the right typeface and font color. Let’s …Continue reading »

Product Spotlight

Three Digital Communications Technologies That Can Make Your Life Easier

By | Apr.11.18 | No Comments

At first glance, communications may seem like a bygone problem for lawyers today. Haven’t smartphones made it easier to stay in constant contact with your clients? It’s true that smartphones offer you more mobility and instant, …Continue reading »

Friday Tech Tips Product Review

Ant Text Makes Your Email Work Smarter

By | Mar.30.18 | No Comments

Most states have rules of professional conduct for lawyers to inform clients of the status of their cases and to promptly reply to their reasonable requests for information. An efficient and timely way to comply …Continue reading »

Tech Tips Friday

Tech Systems: Making Your Move to the Cloud

By | Mar.09.18 | No Comments

Solos and small law firms have been shifting their practice systems to the cloud for nearly a decade, experimenting with innovative apps and economical options for case management, storage, collaboration, timekeeping and billing, and more. Still, …Continue reading »


Resetting Default Heading and Body Fonts in Word

By | Mar.02.18 | No Comments

If you’re sick of Calibri and Cambria, change your default heading and body styles so you can start every new Word document with the fonts you prefer. Put Font Frustration Behind You! One of the most persistent …Continue reading »