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Cyber Monday 2021 Deals for Analog Attorneys

Great white elephant gift ideas for attorneys, clients and more

By Bull Garlington

I’ve thought long and hard about the annual edition of Analog Attorney’s Cyber Monday gift guide and, because I want you to take full advantage of this insane sale day, this year’s guide highlights an Analog Attorney favorite: Levenger.

Levenger’s Cyber Monday 2021 Sale Is Storewide

My unnatural love for all things Baron Fig is only eclipsed by my even greater love for all things Levenger. Levenger was my first analog crush and I’m still in love with them. If you’ve never heard of Levenger products, just head on over to their store and try not to lose your mind at the sheer magnitude of hyper-luxurious analog treasures.

If you’re in a hurry, I’ve picked a list of the tools that make Levenger great and will make your work-at-home experience and home office setup wonderful.

Notecard Bleachers Are My Cyber Monday 2021 Deal of Choice

This was my first gasp of true love at Levenger. They just get me. I’m a professed index-card kind of guy. I use them for a billion different things, including my external brain. But someone at Levenger reached deep into my analog mind and pried out the thing I didn’t know I needed: an index card bleacher set. Just imagine the sheer kicking of ass you can perform when your note cards are standing at attention in the corner of your desk. 30% off, no minimum, [Code: WISHES] valid 11/12 – 12/22

cyber monday 2021 levenger white elephant gift idea

Lev Tech Portable File Tote, Oh My God

Hybrid attorneys lug a lot of loads between their office office and their home office. This can get fairly ridiculous fairly quickly, as that one file folder you shove into your laptop bag turns into a bank box stuffed to explosion. Plus, that banker’s box doesn’t match your style at all. You deserve a luxurious file tote and this one is it. I will be buying one for [My Attorney] and she will yell at me for spending more than $100 on a BAG but she’ll also use that thing every damn day.

levenger white elephant gift idea Lev Tech Portable File Tote

Vintage Sticky Notes for a Cyber Monday 2021 Win

I am stupid for sticky notes and most of the time I wish I lived in 1943, so these vintage sticky notes flick my wiggle two ways. Sure, they’re just sticky notes in a couple of different sizes, but look at them. These are the sticky notes they would have used during the war. Eisenhower would’ve used these. A to-do sticker, an FYI sticker, appointments, a lined weekly list, and the ever vital shouty sticky note: Remember! And they come in a tin. I’m helpless. I’ll have 12, please.

levenger white elephant gift idea sticky notes

A Cyber Monday 2021 Perfect Gift: The Leitner Box

It’s almost cruel! Levenger, you just … back way, please? Lemme breathe? Levenger’s Leitner Box is designed according to Sebastien Leitner’s ideas for rapid learning systems. The box uses bamboo, which has a long grain that works well with constantly shuffling cards to kind of protect their edges and keep them from fraying. Use it to learn important Esperanto curses, partake in STEM field research or just memorize quotes.

Leitner’s method is very effective, which isn’t surprising as he was an expert. His book, “So Lernt Man Lernen,” translated to English is “How to Learn to Learn.”

levenger white elephant gift idea Leitner box

No Room for a Table Table

Now that you will work at home forever, you’re need furniture. Except you already have furniture because you live in an Ikea showroom so there’s nowhere to put anything and you keep stepping on discarded small parts and your arms are loaded with files and you just fell down and broke your hip. Look, furniture is always a major purchase because it usually lasts forever and your kids are going to have to sell it after you croak. So make sure it’s something nice because they’ll probably need the money. Like this aptly named No Room for a Table Table from Levenger. It’s designed for you and your microscopic home office — less than a foot wide, 2 feet deep and 2 feet tall. It has four drawers and a deep open space behind them. You get dark cherry or natural cherry, and if this table is really close to what you want but not exactly what you want, fear not. Levenger has a whole No Room collection of home office accouterments.

cyber monday 2021 levenger white elephant gift ideas table

The Levenger Pocket Briefcase Is Where I’d Write My Cyber Monday 2021 List

What makes Levenger products great is how a simple idea is also genius. Now, it may seem like I’m gushing a little bit because I am gushing a little bit. Levenger is one of the biggest players in the analog tools field. The pocket notebook is a simple idea: a pocket-sized leather portfolio designed for 3×5 index cards. One section holds blanks, one section acts as a window displaying a blank card for note-taking. After being on the market for a quarter-century, the design hasn’t changed a bit and it’s still one of their top sellers. That’s because it bears the two signature qualities that define a Levenger product: luxury and usefulness. The pocket briefcase is a classic white elephant gift for a cherished associate or even a name partner. They will hand it down to their kids.

levenger white elephant gift idea

Three Cyber Monday 2021 Buys Not From Levenger

Cult Pens. Pen nerds, brace yourselves: One of the most iconic online pen stores, Cult Pens, is having a Cyber Monday sale. As a certified pen freak, I often find myself on the Cult Pens website fantasizing about buying, well, all of it. Please go visit their site but please don’t blame me for all the money you’ll spend — and save.

The Pack All Cord Organizer. My wife and I recently traveled from Chicago to Savannah. Though it is a 14-hour drive, we stopped at a hotel halfway. And though we never otherwise left our car except to stretch our legs, we lost all six of our charging cords, my wife’s mouse, both of my earbuds, our lens cleaners, and our minds. This happens every time we travel, and the fortune we’ve spent replacing all those electronics and cords far outstrips the $11 we should have spent on this Pack All cord organizer.

The Black Wing Pencil Extender. Now we’re in my wheelhouse, all the way in the back, behind stacks of blank notebooks and mountains of sticky notes in the deep recesses of analog nerdom, because this thing, this simple tool, represents everything Analog Attorney stands for. Blackwing 602s are perfect pencils and I will fight you on that. But if you are easily frustrated by how quickly they go from a 7.87-inch thing of pure glory to an expensive nub of a thing, you are not alone. I’m a point freak and I sharpen my Blackwings after every six or seven words. I will burn through a pencil in a day. I mean, I will burn through half a pencil in a day because when a Blackwing 602 gets sharpened back under 5 inches, I hate using it and throw it in a box. But not anymore. With the Blackwing Pencil Extender, I can keep that nubbish truncated golf pencil going until I’m writing with the ferrule.

cyber monday 2021 blackwing white elephant gift idea

It is a solid piece of metal, with an octagonal cross-section and a flared foot that fits into the ferrule of a 602. Here’s the one I’m using now, with and without the extender. Since I pay two bucks a pencil, I’m definitely getting my money’s worth. But there’s more to the value of a Blackwing Pencil Extender. It’s the thoughtfulness of Blackwing to even make one, and how it makes a useful tool even more useful. It’s the sheer elegant austerity of it. The singularness. It does one thing and it does it beautifully. For the rest of my life. I can’t ask for a cooler analog tool.

Note: The writer has not been compensated for mentioning these particular products. We do, however, have some affiliate relationships. So if you click on a link and make a purchase, we may receive a small affiliate payment on some (not all) items. This helps us pay our staff and keep Attorney at Work humming along, so we thank you for any links you may click! Happy holidays.

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Originally published November 24, 2021
Last updated November 10, 2023
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