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Five Things We’re Celebrating at Attorney at Work

By The Editors

How long have you been a subscriber to Attorney at Work? Those of you who have been with us from the very beginning have been receiving “one really good idea every day” since December 2010. By our count, today marks 1,000 really good ideas in your email inbox!

While we’re not the kind who stop to celebrate just anything, 1,000 posts seems a worthy achievement. To celebrate, we’re taking time out from our regularly scheduled Friday 5 programming to send out a great big THANK YOU to all of our subscribers, contributors and sponsors — and do a little bragging. Here are five things you may not know about Attorney at Work. (Turns out these are about you, too.)

1. Over 250 expert contributors. When we set out to create Attorney at Work, one of our carved-in-stone goals was to provide not just helpful advice, but advice from experts. People who have been in the trenches, know what they’re talking about and can deliver really good ideas for your practice and personal life challenges. Check out our contributors and advisers lists. You’ll find superstars there.

2. FREE stuff. When a mere post will not hold all the really good ideas, we make something much bigger available — free, of course. Our hugely popular downloads are chock-full of useful tips for your law practice. These can be found at the “Extras” link on the homepage task bar. You will find things like:

  • Really Good Marketing Ideas: How to (Really) Get Business This Year
  • New Math, New Money: A Lawyer’s Guide to the Changing Business of Law
  • A Matter of Time: Time Management and Productivity Tips for Lawyers
  • Attorney at Large: A Field Guide for Mobile Lawyers

Pssst! A new guide, specifically for new lawyers, will publish in just a few weeks. And watch your email in January for our next e-zine, devoted to social media marketing.

3. The Friday Five. At this very moment, you are reading an Attorney at Work “Friday Five.” Typically, it’s an anthology post containing five really good ideas. And a Friday Five will always link you to lots and lots of other resources — here and beyond Attorney at Work. In the past, we’ve covered topics like:

And, speaking of trends, the last Friday Five of each month is dedicated to what’s trending in the legal media. We scour the web and link you to the hottest discussions online.

4. Our crop of monthly columnists. In addition to long-running series (like Otto Sorts’ “Curmudgeon’s Perspective” and “Optimize” by online marketing expert Gyi Tsakalakis), a handful of people write monthly for Attorney at Work. We’re quite proud of our current slate of subject-area experts, each of whom writes with a particular slant:

  • Play to Win by Sally Schmidt — Marketing and business development ideas from a legal marketing pioneer
  • Nothing But the Ruth by Ruth Carter — A sassy young solo shares her tribulations and lessons learned
  • One of a Kind by Jay Harrington — A former Skadden litigator helps you gain a competitive advantage in the market
  • Power User by Vivian Manning — Hot technology tips from a law firm IT guru
  • On Balance by Megan Zavieh — Modern ethics challenges explored by national counsel to lawyers
  • Management by Jared Correia — Everything from lifestyle to technology, with outrageous asides
  • Get to the Point by Teddy Snyder — Writing and speaking for clarity, and fun!

5. Jam-packed archives! A funny thing happened on the way to 1,000 posts: Attorney at Work became a mind-blowing online archive of wit, wisdom, marketing inspiration, management advice, technical know-how, career guidance and so much more — all from the pens and keyboards of national and international experts in their fields. Next time you’re struggling with something and need a few good ideas, just hit the Attorney at Work homepage and start entering search terms in that little box on the right, or click on “Topics of Interest” a little lower down. (For example, click on “Back to Basics” to read one of our most popular series.) You’ll be amazed at what you find.

Did we mention today marks our 1,000th post? Thanks to all for your interest and support. We can’t wait to get started on the next 1,000!

Merrilyn Astin Tarlton is Partner/Catalyst at Attorney at Work, a founding member of the Legal Marketing Association, an LMA Hall of Fame inductee, and a Fellow and past President of the College of Law Practice Management. Follow her on Twitter @AstinTarlton.

Joan Feldman is Partner/Editorial at Attorney at Work and a Fellow of the College of Law Practice Management. Follow her on Twitter @joanhfeldman.

Categories: Daily Dispatch, Extras, Friday Five, You At Work
Originally published November 21, 2014
Last updated May 20, 2018
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