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Beyond the Selfie: Instagram Benefits and Quick Tips for Lawyers

By Annette Choti

Social media platforms can feel overwhelming, and many lawyers are unsure which ones will give them the largest return on their efforts. While many lawyers have used LinkedIn and Facebook to their advantage, law firms now realize their social media marketing strategy should perhaps include Instagram, too.

If your law firm has ignored this social media platform and its billion-plus users, it may be time to reconsider. Here are a few quick tips to help you succeed on Instagram.

How Instagram Works

Instagram is a visual social media platform, mainly intended for sharing photos and videos versus text. You can post a photo from your photo library or take a photo or video within the Instagram app. If you see an image that interests you, you have the option of clicking on it to read more about the image and related content. You can follow individual people (prospective or past clients) and other businesses (like other law firms or legally related businesses to increase referrals). Beyond selfie sharing, however, Instagram has added robust tools for businesses, including Instagram rooms, direct messages, reels, stories, guides, a shop storefront, and analytics.

More Than Selfies: Understanding Instagram Benefits

Instagram can be used in many ways and provide various benefits, including:

  • Building your law firm as a brand through an additional social media presence.
  • Capturing the attention of users who may be prospective clients.
  • Continuing to connect with previous clients.
  • Networking within your legal community to receive referrals.
  • Recruiting new employees or lawyers for your firm.

Keep Your Business and Personal Instagram Accounts Separate

You will want to set up a professional Instagram account for your law firm instead of a personal account. Professional Instagram benefits include the ability to run ads and promotions and use Instagram’s analytics tools.

You can set up your business account through your Facebook business account or sign up using your business email and phone number. (Be sure to link your Instagram account to your already established business Facebook page.) Remember that Google and other search engines are attempting to put together who you are as a law firm. Therefore, you should always use your exact law firm name throughout your social media platforms, website, directories and Google My Business page. Optimize your Instagram profile so that it’s easy for people to find you: Include your website URL, profile image (use your firm’s logo), and law firm description or tagline. Be sure to include links back to your website pages in your description.

Create an Instagram Posting Strategy for Your Firm

Once you have created your business Instagram account, you will need an Instagram posting strategy in keeping with your law firm’s brand and culture. Consider the following ideas as you start posting content on Instagram to connect with potential clients, past clients, and others in the legal field:

  • Introduce your law firm and all your lawyers and team members.
  • Highlight current legal decisions that affect your areas of practice.
  • Post images of your firm’s philanthropic activities and charity events.
  • Discuss local community events.
  • Celebrate your firm’s victories.
  • Provide videos and images of your firm’s office or employees.
  • Share client testimonials.
  • Provide valuable information about your practice areas (without giving actual legal advice).

Remember, even though you are using an Instagram business account, you can — and should — showcase your firm’s personality and connect on a personal level. But stay professional!

Consider Using Scheduling Software

One of the most important things you can do on Instagram is to post in a timely manner and do so consistently. The best way is to use scheduling software such as SmarterQueue, which allows you to batch content all at once and schedule it to post automatically on Instagram — and other social media platforms at the same time! Adding Instagram to your social media strategy will not be that difficult if you use a scheduling tool. It can save you an incredible amount of frustration and time.

Action Steps to Make the Most of Instagram Benefits

If you are considering using Instagram for your law firm, you are making a great step toward increasing your digital footprint and online presence. Consider taking these action steps this month:

  • Set up your business Instagram page and complete your profile.
  • Link your business Facebook page to your business Instagram page.
  • Develop a posting strategy to ensure you are publishing consistent content.
  • Consider using scheduling software to batch content to save time.

A final tip: Make sure you have the time in your schedule not only to publish content, but also to engage with other users on these social media platforms and build organic relationships. Using scheduling software will make this easier.

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Annette Choti Annette Choti

Annette Choti graduated from law school 20 years ago, and is the CEO and owner of Law Quill, a legal digital marketing agency focused on small and solo law firms. She is the author of “Click Magnet: The Ultimate Digital Marketing Guide for Law Firms” (2022). Annette used to do theater and professional comedy, which is not so different from the legal field if we are all being honest. She can be found on LinkedIn or at

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